Exploring new horizons at Etteplan with Arttu Kalliovalkama and Magnus Frey

Join us as we delve into Etteplan's culture of welcoming exciting opportunities and charting your own career course. Arttu Kalliovalkama, the newly appointed interim Managing Director for Denmark, and Magnus Frey, Software and Embedded Solutions’ Vice President, lead the way in taking chances and building their careers to look distinctly their own.

At Etteplan, we offer a career model with several ways to seek new opportunities for one’s career development. Our inclusive career model supports not only upward but also sideward career movements from one job family to another across service areas and different professional paths. Joining Etteplan is only the first step, and exploring new opportunities within the company is always recommended and encouraged.

Leap into the unknown or a logical step into the new

Sometimes career moves can be planned steps on the career path, and sometimes they can be a total leap into the unknown. In the case of Arttu Kalliovalkama, it is the latter.

Before Arttu started as an interim Managing Director for Denmark, he was working in Engineering Solutions as Vice President for Service Solutions. A surprising new opportunity came along when Denmark was looking for a new Managing Director.

“I had already given a clear indication to my supervisors earlier that I was ready to do more by saying that I am happy with my current position, but open minded if something else comes up. So, I think when Denmark needed a new director, they knew who to ask,” Arttu says.

A new role, not only in a completely new service area but also in a new country, is a big jump that brings challenges, but Arttu also sees it as an excellent learning opportunity in both directions.

“This has a great impact on my professional and personal development. I enjoy learning new things, and in this role there's no shortage of it,” Arttu states.

For Magnus, stepping into the role of Vice President in Software and Embedded Solutions with a background in Engineering was all about getting to drive the business forward. Before his latest career move, he was working as a Manager in Engineering Solutions.

“All in all, I am a company person. With my new role, the service area happens to be different, but to me it doesn’t really matter. I think we need to bring our forces together and forget about the silos and different units,” Magnus says.

Tips for taking a new direction

For those who dream of transitioning to a new role, Arttu has two things to say: First, you have to make it clear to your supervisor or colleague that you are eager to do something different. Second, when the opportunity is given to you, say yes because it is the best way to get new challenges and move forward.

Magnus can only agree. If you are dreaming about trying something new, his take on the topic is clear: “Just do it!”

Both Arttu and Magnus have the will to do big things. A positive attitude towards challenges and change has propelled them forward in their careers and brought along stories to remember!

The door to new opportunities is always open at Etteplan. Come and be a part of our journey of growth and exploration.

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