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HyperSTE - Content quality checker

Provide your end users with engaging content that is clear, concise and consistent, all while reducing costs. Thanks to Etteplan's HyperSTE content quality checker you will achieve standardization across all your organization's technical documentation, including quality improvement in writing and translations.

Key benefits
Cost savings on translation and localization
Up to 40% in reduced word count
Time reduction in product cycle
Reduction in documentation cost

HyperSTE, content quality software for Simplified Technical English (STE)

HyperSTE is the leading content quality software for standardized documentation. Supporting you in using Simplified Technical English, HyperSTE ensures compliance with corporate terminology and style guide rules as an interactive checker tool for the writer, and as a quality measurement tool for the editor. HyperSTE supports many authoring applications, including Word, Arbortext, FrameMaker, Oxygen, Flare and InDesign.

By adopting HyperSTE you can reach:

  • Up to 30% in cost savings on translation and localization
  • Up to 40% in reduced word count as writers learn how to focus on user-relevant content
  • Quality improvements in writing and translations
  • Up to 30% in reduced product cycle time
  • Up to 40% reduction in overall documentation cost
  • Efficient conversion of legacy documents

HyperSTE Local and HyperSTE Cloud

The HyperSTE content quality checker can be purchased as Software-as-a-Service cloud solution or as an on-premise installation. 

The cloud model is perfect for documentation freelancers or smaller user groups with its different pricing and support models. Simply install the plugin and manage your organization's terms, sentences and profiles all in HyperSTE's cloud portal. 
See product details and pricing of HyperSTE cloud version

For those who prefer a private cloud or on-premise solution, we continue to offer this in the local version of HyperSTE. Contact us for detailed offer 

STE professional services

Both the SaaS and local versions of HyperSTE come with additional professional implementation services, including: 

Improve customer satisfaction and save costs
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  • Training of technical writers and editors on how to write clear, concise and consistent documentation and how to reduce translation costs.
  • Building a corporate dictionary, to ensure consistent use of unambiguous company specific terminology.

Our customers

Since 2002, Etteplan has implemented HyperSTE  worldwide with organizations ranging from various types of industries, and have trained over 3000 technical authors and SMEs on how to create clear, consistent and concise documentation. Our customers include Rolls-Royce, Gulfstream, Elekta, Electrolux and American Express.


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