Etteplan testing and test laboratory

Testing and Test Laboratory

Etteplan has years of experience from testing solutions and a unique test laboratory covering a wide range of product standard tests for various customer needs. From us, you can get testing services corresponding to diverse requirements starting from software testing and test automation to physical tests measuring entire equipment.

Testing solutions for all needs

Testing is a crucial part of development work, be it for software or physical products. We're in a unique position to have the capability to offer a complete set of testing services. Our offering covers software testing and test automation for application development, embedded product testing with hardware and equipment measuring in our EMC-laboratory.

A well furnished laboratory, excellent testing and DevOps platforms together with right processes secures quick time-to-market with great quality.

Software testing and test automation

As we develop digital and embedded software solutions, we understand the test use cases and the varying needs per customer.  We support you by providing entire software testing teams to tackle your development obstacles or create entire DevOps processes. For projects with wider scope such as combining hardware or cloud with software, we can help by developing system level testing and test plans. 

EMC and RF testing

For regulatory requirements or performance targets, we have state-of-the-art laboratory for EMC and RF testing, accredited by Finas. Whatever the product’s EMC or RF performance problem, we will solve it using top-of-the-line expertise, automated measurement equipment and test environments. Our experienced testing professionals help you reach your targets both during the R&D phase and actual compliance measurements.  We also offer certification consultation services and approval services on a turnkey basis.

Test laboratory reveals hidden faults

Etteplan's Test Laboratory provides environmental testing, failure analysis, quality assurance, antenna testing and accredited RF and EMC testing services. Our services allow you to make all necessary tests with one reliable partner to get your products to the market in an optimal time. Get in contact with us to find out more.

Timo Kallinen

Timo Kallinen

Director Testing and Product Verification
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