Etteplan Careers Multicompetent teams

Multicompetent & multicultural teams

Our work environment is truly international. We have over 4,000 colleagues in eight countries worldwide. We often work in virtual teams with skilled experts from different locations, which we see as a great advantage.  

No matter what kind of projects and customers you work with, you will have the opportunity to be a part of multicompetent teams. You will have the support of your own team in your area of expertise, or in some cases, based on location. In practice, though, your daily work will usually be with people from different service areas and locations. You will have repeated opportunities to broaden your own views and gain experience and expertise from others, too. We thrive on interdisciplinary teamwork and believe that it is our heterogeneity that makes all the difference.

At Etteplan, we produce end-to-end solutions from a customer and user-driven standpoint. Etteplan specializes in software and embedded solutions, industrial equipment and plant engineering solutions, as well as technical documentation solutions. We can offer extensive expertise to customers in all kinds of fields.

In practice, this means that one project may include many areas, from service design to integrations with automation, from additive manufacturing to cyber security in cloud solutions. What’s more, we can also take care of the solution’s maintenance and technical support.

We work with an open mind, seeking and experimenting with new ideas and methods. Our expertise and experience enable us to help our customers solve complex challenges.

Diversity as a key to success. Etteplan is committed to treating employees equally and promoting non-discrimination in accordance with its equality and diversity plan and management principles. Diversity is one of the key factors behind Etteplan’s success. We promote it by encouraging our people to look beyond national borders in recruitment, among other things. Increasing the share of women among Etteplan’s personnel from the current 20% (in 2020) is also one of our goals.

English as our working language. Depending on your location and situation, there may be customers or projects that use the local language in daily encounters. This is, of course, the case only if everybody has the same common language. We think it is essential that everybody is involved in the discussions and understands the communication.  

Global company enables global mobility. If you are thinking about moving to a different city or country, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to find a new job, too. We have many career opportunities in different locations within our company. Work wherever you are or have a global career in one of our over 75 offices worldwide. If you decide to move to a new country, we will support you all the way.

Everything comes down to people - each one of us. We infuse our experience, skills and expertise into our work. We work with passion and commitment to achieve results that matter. We believe in cooperation, continuous development and fresh multidisciplinary thinking. This enables us to develop ourselves as professionals and lead the development of our industry.

In the fall of 2020, we conducted the FuturETTE personnel survey among our employees. The results were excellent, which is something we are very proud of. The results have also improved from one year to the next. Our strengths highlighted by the survey responses included the perception of collegial support, the work environment’s encouragement toward open communication, as well as the equal and fair treatment of people.