Etteplan Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity as a key to success

Etteplan is committed to treating employees equally and non-discriminatory promotions in accordance with its equality and diversity plan and Group-level management principles.  

Diversity is one of the key factors behind Etteplan’s success, promoted by encouraging supervisors to look across national borders in recruitment, among other things. Increasing the share of women among Etteplan’s personnel is also one of the Company’s objectives.  

The FuturETTE survey we conducted during the year painted a positive picture of our equality efforts: Etteplan employees indicated that a significant leap forward had been taken in equal and fair treatment compared to the previous survey.  

Etteplan’s remuneration policy is based on fair wages, benefits and incentives. Etteplan has a long track record of monitoring the equality of overall pay through annual evaluations.  

We also ensure equality through a reporting hotline used in all of our operating countries that employees and external stakeholders can use to anonymously report suspected ethical violations.  


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Etteplan’s business is based on the competence of the personnel, and we compete for the best talent in the international job market. Successful recruitment is one of our most significant personnel-related opportunities, we want to recruit experts who are not only highly competent but also a good fit with our company culture. 

Read more about Responsibility for personnel in our Annual Review. 

Well-being at work 

Etteplan’s customer promise - Engineering with a difference - is also a promise to our personnel. Etteplan’s culture and operating approach enables individual growth which drives personal growth, motivation and well-being. 

Flexible working in different locations has always been possible: in Finland, for example, we have more than 30 offices across the country.