Etteplan antenna RF design and SI simulation

Antenna, RF Design and SI design

Our team of experts have designed numerous solutions for cellular, local area, low power wide area (LPWAN) networks and high-speed designs. We have the ability to deliver high-speed digital, RF, microwave and antenna design as a complete offering. We have decades of experience delivering end-to-end design projects with simulations saving you from unnecessary development costs.

Key Benefits
Best coverage with application specific antenna design
End-to-end RF design projects
Exceed performance and interoperability requirements

Electromagnetics design

Same physics laws apply to high-speed digital and RF design, where the signal information of the former is carried by a voltage and the latter by power.

Our target in electromagnetics design is not just to get information transferred and fulfill compliance requirements, but also to make high quality design by optimizing the following:

  • radio link budget
  • current consumption
  • emission/immunity performance with enough margin
  • intra/intersystem performance (coexistence with other radios and electronics)
  • size of the product
  • product and production costs
  • product lifetime

We can also import existing electronics and mechanics designs to simulation environment from various design tools.

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Antenna Design

Without a product specific antenna design it’s simply not possible to reach the optimal radio coverage, therefore an antenna should always be designed according to the product and its operating environment.

In a typical project, the antenna radiator is implemented on PCB and antenna is inside plastic covers or, due to harsh environmental conditions, antenna has to be designed inside epoxy, silicon or some other potting material. This can of course affect the performance unless an antenna designer is introduced to a product development project early on. This pays-off as the expertise of the designer can be utilized even in selecting a commercial antenna. To complete the project, we help in verifying the functionality with our antenna testing and design services.

The best antenna performance can be achieved by first simulating the antenna, then making antenna prototype and finally verifying design in an antenna test chamber.

RF Design

The reasons behind making a bespoke radio design from discrete components instead of buying a ready made radio module vary from BOM cost, special needs for radio performance to proprietary radios and time-to-market with new technologies.

We know how to design RF blocks from discrete components, which can be RF PAs (Power Amplifier), LNAs (Low Noise Amplifier) and design components with PCB transmission lines or high frequency filters from discrete components.

Selections and verification of PCB buildup, components and radio modules are important to get a good starting point for the RF design phase. Simulations, laboratory testing, automated RF test stands, RF control SW and yield analysis are intrinsic parts of RF development. Designing electronics or embedded products so that their hardware interoperability stays uncompromised is not a simple task. We have the knowledge and test premises to conduct RF design for devices so that radio frequencies do not interfere with others.

We master the latest radio technologies like Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth positioning, UWB, LoRa, Wi-Fi 6, NB-IoT and LTE-M. We have also defined the architecture and designed many proprietary radio systems.

High-Speed Design

High-speed digital interfaces, like PCI-Express, DDR, Ethernet and USB, are getting faster with decreasing rise times and lower operating voltage levels. Still products should be reliable in all operating environments and comply with quality and EMC regulatory requirements.

There are many topics to take into account when making diligent high-speed design. We know how to design Power Distribution Network (PDN) so that all components will get constant voltage supply. As for signal integrity, we understand how crucial it is to control characteristic impedance, termination, skew, crosstalk and return current path.

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