Solutions for you

Solutions for You

Etteplan’s services are all about solving our customer's needs – your needs. We are a pioneer in tailoring technology specialist services to the specific needs of our client companies. We are there to fill the void in internal expertise. We are also ready to introduce fresh new ideas, technologies and processes to enable evolution and transformation of our clients’ businesses.

Solutions that perfectly fit industry-specific needs

We have decades of experience from partnership with companies in a wide range of industries. During the years we have gained deep insight into the logic of our clients’ business in different fields. At the same time, we have developed an understanding of processes and operational models which add value across industries.

Every customer has unique needs

At the end of the day, each and every client we work with has needs which are unique. A defense contractor would obviously need different services than, for example, a vehicle factory. Companies producing pharmaceuticals perceive their needs in technology very differently than a cruise line or an elevator manufacturer. That is why our specialists are ready to provide a range of solutions that fit the dynamic of numerous specialized industries.

Solutions to enhance specific organizational functions and to address specific challenges

Our operational model also supports approaching our customers’ service needs via organizational function or a business challenge to be solved. Contact us, when you would like to enhance your expertise in R&D and logistics. We are also there for you to solve challenges like bringing products to market faster and to optimize manufacturing process. These are mere examples of the wide range of options we offer.