Our solutions for

ICT and High-Tech

Etteplan provides high-value solutions for the ICT and High-Tech industries, whether this includes designing and implementing a business-critical system or taking care of a major system integration. Our competitive advantage lies in strong understanding of customers’ operating environment, as well as in our multi-faceted expertise that ranges from engineering to software development, integrations and user interface design.

Expertise for the ever-expanding world of ICT and High-Tech

The emerging 5G networks create a smarter future, enabling machine to machine communication and open up new opportunities for different industries. Automation, cloud computing, AI and big data analytics are being investigated and implemented in several industries, especially those who make use of large-scale production processes and manufacturing. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are used to improve workflows and effectiveness. At the same time, brands and industries all over the world realize the importance of investing in cybersecurity.

Our solutions for the ICT and High-Tech industries

Pioneering software development. Known as a trailblazer in the development of network devices, wireless technologies and dedicated private networks, Etteplan plays a strong role in ICT development. Our service design team can help you get started by designing an optimal service or product for your needs with our product development materializing the plans. We help you to utilize data collected from autonomous devices in order to improve operational efficiency, preventative maintenance and user experience. We also offer cyber security services, application life cycle maintenance and development as a continuous service.

Network device creation. Etteplan is an expert of network devices – highly customized integrated terminal solutions equipped with data sensing, analysis and communication capabilities. No aspect of design is foreign to us: we can help with insight, electronics and mechanical design, embedded software design, radio solutions, antenna design, simulations and specifications. Etteplan has developed dozens of network technology devices for wireless and fixed network solutions, using a variety of communication protocols such as TCP / IP, eCPRI, CPRI.

Open RAN. Open radio access network (RAN) refers to industry-wide standards for RAN interfaces that support interoperation between vendors’ equipment. Open RAN enables mobile network operators to use equipment from multiple vendors with varying radio variants and still ensure interoperability. Etteplan has deep and wide expertise in this area and can help manufacturers with shortening their product’s time-to-market with compliancy to the Open RAN standards. Our 20-year experience in designing base stations and our capabilities in software and hardware design enables us to take ownership of projects and complement your product development.

Testing and compliance consulting. Etteplan offers a comprehensive range of testing and compliance services. Our expertise covers areas such as compliance consultancy, EMC, RF spectrum, antenna testing, environmental testing, failure analysis and quality assurance. These laboratory tests are carried out in our own test laboratory. We help you access the EU market through CE marking, production testing development and technical documentation. Thanks to our expertise, you can be sure that the end product meets appropriate regulatory requirements and reaches the market quickly. 

Private networks. Reliable information flow is especially important in business-critical and mission-critical projects. Private networks meet the most demanding requirements for network availability, reliability and security. Located entirely on-site in the company’s own operating environment and controlled by the company, a private network thus enables secure and extremely fast data transfer in all situations. Private networks can be used to guarantee predictable and reliable performance of, for example, autonomous machines, precision positioning and fleet management, process automation solutions, robots and drones. At the same time, they enable predictive maintenance, better safety and entirely novel applications and services.

Production solutions. Etteplan maximizes your production performance in terms of efficiency and quality by providing manual or fully automated assembly equipment and joining & bonding solutions. The assembly of electronics and box building has its special demands, such as prevention of damage, ESD protection and testing. We have a proven track record of creating intelligent assembly solutions for electronic production environments. Find out more information about our production solutions.