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Whether your product development or engineering challenge involves a one-off computational fluid dynamics assignment or developing a new environmentally friendly technology, our experts are here to support you throughout the product’s life cycle or in all stages of your product development project.

Etteplan’s high level of expertise in engineering innovative products covers all areas of the product. Our core competence also covers modernization services for existing products, where the aim is to improve the product’s competitiveness, lengthen its life cycle or make it environmentally friendly.

Your product’s profitability starts with its engineering

The core idea behind our engineering services is to improve our customers’ competitiveness through more efficient engineering, based on the principle of continuous development. For our customers, our way of operating shows as an improvement in quality and in the cost-effectiveness of the engineering work throughout the product’s life cycle.

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We are here to help you if you are considering, for instance, 3D printing, i.e. additive manufacturing, as a potential manufacturing technology for your product. Our top experts will determine the technical and financial possibilities of applying additive manufacturing to your product or its components, and they will design your product in a way that allows you to tap into the benefits of additive manufacturing.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with some of the world’s most demanding industries, ranging from aerospace and defense to telecom and climate technologies.

We serve our customers proactively and cost-effectively

Etteplan’s service attitude is all about being proactive: We know our customers’ equipment and business so well that we are able to offer them solutions that they wouldn’t even think of themselves.

Based on our extensive know-how, we have developed service models that enable high-quality, streamlined processes and maximum cost efficiency in engineering for the customer. Many of our customers use our Managed Services for areas of engineering, such as engineered-to-order services, which are not part of the company’s core competence.

We also offer near- and offshoring services to improve the cost-competitiveness and quality of the customer’s product. Thanks to our global operating model, we can provide you with the same services anywhere in the world.

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