Cyber security services

Cyber Security Services

The cyber security of your products and your operational systems is crucial to your business. Due to high cost of cyber security incidents, cyber security has turned into a market and legal requirement for hardware and software products. Cyber security requirements affect both the products and digital services you offer to customers, and devices and software that you develop and purchase for use in your own operations and services. With Etteplan, you can develop and maintain products and operational solutions that are secure-by-design, and meet cyber security requirements of your customers and applicable regulations.

Key Benefits
Security experts specialized in embedded systems design and testing
Know-how on industrial processes and embedded devices
A comprehensive lifecycle approach to embedded security
Expertise in embedded device security standards
Partner network for secure components, platforms and certifications

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Secure embedded development - guidebook

Download Guide

Secure embedded development - guidebook

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Download Guide

Secure embedded development - guidebook

Etteplan’s Cyber Security and Secure Product Development services cover

  • Cyber security regulations strategy & training workshops
  • IEC 62443-4-1 SPDL process implementation and certification support
  • Secure-by-design products development and maintenance: Devices and equipment (Including IEC 62443-4-2/3-3 certified products)Software applications and digital servicesIoT and production solutions
  • Product security verification and validation services
  • Product security lifecycle maintenance agreements
  • Product security related technical product information

Create devices and digital solutions using security standards such as IEC 62443-4 series

With our technical and lifecycle process security expertise, and certified processes and management systems, Etteplan is uniquely positioned to support you in development and maintenance of secure-by-design devices, software applications and operational solutions.

Our device development teams have several years of experience in developing security critical products in many different industries. Etteplan’s team is developing or verifying several IoT devices that will be IEC 62443-4-2 certified.

For more than a decade we have developed and maintained business critical applications and IoT solutions that involve payments, personal data and physical devices.  We are experts in e.g. PCI and EMV security standards in the payment industry, ISO 15118 and OCPP security standards in EV charging, and GDPR for personal data.

Etteplan’s Technical Communication Solutions team takes care of authoring security related installation, use and maintenance manuals and other related technical product information.

Besides the cyber security expertise of Etteplan people, our other key enabler in creating secure-by-design solutions is our formal Secure Product Development Lifecycle process.


Why should I develop products that are secure-by-design?

Strict cyber security legislation is coming into effect  in EU profoundly affecting both products and entities.  Placing products on the EU market that are not secure-by-design is becoming illegal. Even legacy products are affected – either vulnerability management becomes mandatory, or sales of legacy products that aren’t meeting the new CE marking requirements is fully prohibited.

Related to product cyber security, the two important EU legislations are Radio Equipment Directive and Cyber Resilience Act proposal. These two product safety regulations are just the tip of the iceberg; cyber security of medical devices, machinery, road vehicles, civil aviation and maritime industry is already regulated by EU or global regulations.

Related to cyber security of entities and the information systems they use in their operations, the main legislation in EU is Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS2) that will be applied in all EU countries starting from October 18, 2024.

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Etteplan is the biggest engineering service provider of embedded devices in Nordics and we work only with the best and most trustworthy partners. We co-operate with leading cyber security consultancies, silicon vendors, and with CertX in accredited security certifications of devices and processes.


Cyber Security Services: Downloads

Secure embedded development - guidebook

Guide | PDF | 1.62 MB

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