Production and qualification tooling

Production and Qualification Tooling

To achieve the best production performance, you not only have to look closely at production processes and solutions for bonding and joining, but you also need equipment. Whether it concerns manual assembly workplaces, production tools or a fully automatic production machine, Etteplan can deliver these. By using our configurable solutions, Etteplan not only offers the best solution, but also at competitive prices. We always find the best solution for your business case.

Key benefits
Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field
We never lose sight of the business case
Average of 27% improvement in production performance

Etteplan is growing and expanding! We have a solid base and demonstrated history regarding optimization of assembly lines. Moreover, we have successfully accomplished projects regarding qualification and development of tooling and develop a complete range of services and solutions in this specific area. 

Production Line Concept


  • 50% less operator dependency
  • 25% improvement efficiency


  1. Quality: zero-defect output, first-time-right assembly
  2. Predictable output: stable and efficient process
  3. Maximized value-add operator activities
  4. Workplace of the future: spacious, ergonomic & Lean

Production concept 1Production concept 2Production concept 3

Production concept 4Production concept 5


Automated Optical Assembly Alignment Tool


  • Precision < 10 µm
  • Repeatability < 2µm

Solution assembly tool

  • 6 DOF alignment system
  • Robot positioning, dispensing and transport
  • UV curing

Automated assembly alignment tool

Production Pre-assembly Tool


  • Cycle time < 4 min
  • 6 variants, easy operated
  • Zero defect output, LCIA based concept
  • Integrated controlled bolt Torques system


Production Pre-assembly tool

System Qualification Tool


  • Qualification tool for electron beam qualification
  • Work space for operator assembly
  • High vacuum qualification chamber


  • Chamber size: Ø524x525 (DxH) 52.5 Liter
  • Wall thickness; top: 50mm | cylinder: 8mm | bottom: 15mm
  • Fully welded on inside, interrupted fillet weld on outside
  • Surface electropolished
  • Vacuum Cleanliness Grade 2
  • Surface Cleanliness Grade 2
  • Chamber volume: 52,5 L
  • Pressure <1,5E-6 Tor

System qualification toolSystem qualification tool 2

Optical Align & Adjustment Tool


  • Operator easy to use assembly tool
  • Measure relative height <10 µm
  • Adjustment and assembly


Optical align tool

Frame Alignment & Press Tool


  • Safe operator assembly tool
  • Applying pressure to a frame – plate assembly
  • Guarantee 10 N/cm2 for 10-20 different sizes of products


Frame alignment tool

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