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Integration Services  

In the globally connected world, we need to be able to communicate with each other without any interruptions. The same applies to your company software and hardware. To make sure that systems work hand in hand, integrations play a key role. Etteplan’s experts have a proven track record of integrating together IoT, payment providers, internal and external systems and much more. Find out how we can help you cut business costs.

Key Benefits
All data in one place
Improved security
Faster decision-making process
Higher end-user satisfaction

Ensuring smooth data flow between systems 

By connecting and securely sharing information between applications, your company can automate processes, integrate data sources, save time and increase customer satisfaction by improving visibility. 

 Our experts in systems integration make sure that data flows uninterrupted between applications. We connect systems by building REST APIs, plug-ins, webhooks (HTTP callbacks) and EDI translators to not only secure the data flow but also make sure nothing stands in its way.

Types of integrations:

  • Legacy system integration
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • Third-party system integration
  • Business-to-business integration

Thanks to our wide array of competencies, our specialists can assess and choose which integration model will fit the project the best. The models are:

  • Point-to-point model
  • Hub-and-spoke model
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) model

Integration services designed to meet your needs

We have experience in integrating payment providers, hardware and IoT, Business Intelligence, and data enrichment. No matter what your business needs are, we can deliver a suitable solution that will meet all of them. Whether it is an integration between two systems or an elaborate integration for an enterprise, we can create a solution that will make your work easier and more efficient.

Thanks to our experienced integration engineers you can be sure that the final solution will improve the data flow in your business. Extensive knowledge of IoT and hardware solutions is invaluable when bringing together two worlds of software and hardware. Our goal is to deliver the best solution on the market, tailored to your needs, thus ensuring the growth of your company.

Integration services can visibly improve the day-to-day operations of your company. However, not only. Thanks to a well-done integration you can effectively reduce your costs, improve security and, what is most important, ensure that your clients and end-users are happy with your services. Fill out the form below to get more information on integration services and Etteplan.

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