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FPGA Design

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design comes to play when speed is crucial in device processing times. It’s an optimal option for sophisticated devices that require improved performance. We have VHDL development language experts that have an eye for the parallel challenge of timing and execution.

Key benefits
Design approach for high speed devices
Reach commercial and technical targets
Improved performance and versatility

FDGA for high performance

During system design, how a functionality is implemented depends on the technical and commercial product requirements, taking also into account product lifetime and production requirements. Furthermore, all these need to be evaluated for each project. Depending on the previously mentioned needs, we provide FPGA, CPLD and PLD development as a part of Etteplan DEVICE project or as a separate service. FPGA design is a relevant option when high-speed performance and reaction time is needed, such as in video processing or logic processed in optical fiber, or there is an existing FPGA functionality to be reused in some other important role.

We have implemented a long list of designs using the industry’s leading vendors’ (Xilinx and Altera) components. FPGA design is normally done using VHDL, and the vendors’ development tool chains. The developed devices are used in industrial applications and telecom systems.


Hardware design language for device design

FPGA designers at Etteplan are able to develop either electronics or embedded software or both, as the VHDL design falls into a competence area in between the two. Even though the VHDL code resembles software code, it actually describes digital clock logic implementation and requires a very different understanding to software development, needing an eye for simultaneous timing and execution issues.

In our minds an FPGA is a tool for reaching your technical and commercial targets, similar to selecting an efficient MCU optimal for intended software development and with the right resources for a given task. Mostly the work is performed as a part of our turnkey project, for which we can give a schedule and budget estimation along with other tasks. If you are developing a bigger system, needing to strengthen the FPGA development team, we can also perform the work at your premises.

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