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All organizations have a continuous need for learning and growth in order to have the ability to develop, strengthen, and grow. Or even just to keep up.  

Etteplan maximizes the use of expertise and variety of competencies, making learning inclusive and relevant for everyone continuously while simultaneously securing the future of organizations human capital. 

Key Benefits
Towards development and change
Measurable development and value
Recycle existing knowledge
Tailored processes and systems
Future orientated
Learning pyramid

Etteplan team of learning 

Etteplan operates throughout the lifecycle of customer organizations. Learning creates change which should be supported with structure, working together to identify the right learning path.

We adapt to different target groups to tailor offerings through pre-studies, learning paths, anchoring, and production of learning content. We help with changing behaviors and attitudes or increasing knowledge within the target group. At Etteplan, we support you throughout the process from the ideas all the way to the finish line.

We create Learning Production for organizational learning needs.  

  • e-Learnings 
  • Classroom materials 
  • Videos 
  • Podcast 
  • Workshops 
  • Graphic recording 
  • Virtual Reality 
  • 360 Environment 

We help you develop a tailor-made Learning Path

  • Learning paths 
  • Learning design 
  • Gamification  

We can help you develop a Learning Culture

  • Learning design 
  • Learning strategy 

We help you become a Learning Organization

  • Facilitation 
  • Learning strategy 
  • Change management  

There are two main models that we use: Before, During, and After, and Know-Think - Feel-Action

Before, During, and After model 

From a systematic shift, a new product, new market, or new competence – or to find a new direction.  Etteplan is your destination regardless of the range of your needs – to help you achieve your learning goals.  


Before changing you need to know where you want to end up, what does success look like at the finishing line? In order to find ways to measure and direct the development. Before change, all participants must activate so that we can remain on the same track.  


During change participants must bring up the heat. The organisation is changing, and all participants must feel involved and engaged. Information should be shared and should be accessible to everyone.  


Keeping up the pace After the change. Newly retained information is easy to forget and so repetition is key.  Results should be measured, analysed, and compared to the targets and goals that were set. All participants should have the ability to repeat, implement, and strengthen their newly developed skills.  

Know-Think and Feel-Action model 

Organisational change occurs through shared knowledge, engagement, and participation. Our other main model – Know-Think and Feel-Action – helps organisations to understand what they need to measure and achieve the change that they need: 

Know - We provide answers in the form of clear, measurable targets 

Think and feel - We provide comprehensive understanding of necessary changes, and a structured plan for execution 

Action - We provide the level of investment required. We provide the impact and the value that the changes will bring  

Etteplan provides answers in the form of clear, measurable targets, and comprehensive understanding of necessary changes and a structured plan for execution. In addition, we provide the level of investment required and the impact and value that the changes will bring.  

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