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Etteplan DEVICE

Etteplan DEVICE service covers all product development phases for embedded products from concept and architecture design through detailed electronics, mechanics, and software development to R&D testing, technical documentation, and product approvals. Overall, the whole product development life cycle. 

We are testing out various wireless solutions on our sensors. We are seeking low-power solutions that are easy for our customers to use. With Etteplan, we received expertise in implementing NB IoT technology and a fast and low-cost solution for field testing. We have been very pleased with the collaboration and positively surprised at how fast the development work has progressed.
Jani Marjamaa
R&D Program manager
Key Benefits
Covers product development service and product management consulting
Pro-active product development with a commercially and technically well founded project
Efficiency achieved by flexible resource allocation and competence management

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Managing Risks in Connected Device Development Projects

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Managing Risks in Connected Device Development Projects

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Managing Risks in Connected Device Development Projects

We support your product development from the first critical steps

Etteplan DEVICE service supports your innovation from the first initial ideas until the life cycle management of your unique product. A commercially and technically well founded product development project will gain success. And to become a successful design product your innovation needs proper requirement specification, covering not only technical and compliance planning but also commercial product management aspects.

For any new product development, you have to consider not only product usability and main features, but also project management, compliance planning, engineering design, product safety, product approval, technical documentation, and product life cycle management. For devices with embedded systems you also have to take care of architecture design, electronics design, software development, cloud services, cyber security, and testing. The product development life cycle shouldn't be overlooked in any project.

We can help you with all these questions. Our Etteplan DEVICE service covers all the phases, technologies, tools, technology platforms and expertise that are required to create a winning product in a product development project.

Pre-study with information analysis

We start with a pre-study which is an information analysis with interviews of the key persons having a role in your product development project. Based on the analysis, we make a recommendation to you how to continue.

Requirement specification

A comprehensive requirement specification is necessary to get an overall picture of what has to be done in your product development project. This results to a detailed and realistic project plan, covering the whole process and workflows, roles, competences, and resources needed. Any technical risks detected with requirement specification can be managed with a separate concept analyses.

Product development

The ready solution we create with you in Etteplan DEVICE service covers all the functional aspects of the product with each design area like electronics, mechanics, embedded software, usability, and connectivity including cloud services.

Non-functional properties like compliance planning, product safety, cybersecurity, manufacturability, and r&d testing are equally important.

Etteplan designs also production testers in order to ensure the quality of mass production and to enable fast production ramp-up. Etteplan production testers are manufacturer independent and widely used in Finland, Europe, and Asia.

Further, to manage your product’s manufacturability and cost-effectiveness also in later life-cycle stages, you can use our product life-cycle management services including technical support, software updates, electronics design maintenance, technical documentation, and continuous cybersecurity testing.

The services we offer you with Etteplan DEVICE

  • commercial product management consulting, including information analysis with interviews and related documentation

  • workshops in identifying development entities, to plan and define work packages for your new product development project

  • workshops to define and document requirement specifications

  • consultation in product concepting, resulting in project structure and technical planning

One of our r&d testing services is to provide and carry out design of mass production test systems in our own test laboratory. This ensures the quality of a mass produced product and a fast production ramp up.

For managing your product’s manufacturability and product information cost-effectively also in later life cycle stages we offer product life cycle management services including technical support, software updates, electronic maintenance, technical documentation, and continuous cyber security testing.

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Managing Risks in Connected Device Development Projects

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