Software test automation

Software Test Automation

Most products are now filled with software and connected to cloud solutions or third party applications. Therefore, proper software testing is crucial and, if proven too big of a task, can be helped with automated software testing. Etteplan has the knowledge and tools to help increase testing quality while optimizing the costs. 

Key Benefits
Quick time to product release
Cost reductions in testing
Coverage - Easily repeated tests
Improved product quality through systematic tests

Complete software testing service portfolio

Regardless of the software being cloud, server, desktop or mobile based or even embedded, the need for testing clearly rises as the amount of software increases. We are the partner to support you in choosing the right testing model suitable for your needs, be it automated software testing or exploratory testing.

Companies developing software are often at different stages in their development or testing capabilities. If you want to improve your test or software development process but do not know how, we provide Software Test Automation consultation resulting in a defined process. We help you choose the best tools for Continuous Integration (CI), Test Automation (TA), requirement handling or bug reporting, taking into account the whole DevOps pipeline. 

And if you already know what needs to be automated, we deliver a complete test automation project, where we evaluate the current status and define and implement the test automation roadmap. Both can be extended as continuous service for optimal results, as you will benefit from having an expert part of the process.

Automated software testing for embedded solutions

As we already design the devices for our customers, we know the used technologies and the best test cases. Manual testing makes sense when you have one device or use case. However, in case of multiple products or software releases, it's a straightforward decision to automate the testing. With a set-up cost, test automation will quickly pay back the investment in the long run and can be reused for other new products. 

With our software testing services and test automation, you will have

  • Reduced time to product release
  • Less time and money spent in development and testing
  • Testing effectiveness through reusing the tests
  • Real-time visibility on testing progress, stability and workload
  • More repeated test rounds and regression testing for you project
  • Immediate feedback on new function
  • Released time for new functionality testing e.g. by using exploratory testing method

With test automation you will also have extended testing possibilities with traceability and repeatability, regression testing and compatibility as well as unsupervised tests and manual testing time for exploratory testing. 

Tools used for test automation:

  • Robot Framework, Jenkins, Selenium, python, C#, .net, Labview, Procket Rapidm, Jmeter, Postman, SoapUI

Automated software testing expertize at your disposal

At Etteplan, our test engineers support in ensuring the test automation roadmap is implemented as planned. As a company providing software testing services, our expertise areas include embedded software, virtualization, cloud systems, GUI and data security.

Software test automation as a managed service can be delivered from Etteplan premises or by having our consultants on your premises. Our software test automation projects are delivered using agile methods (Scrum, Kanban).


Agile development methods have been the process model for software development already for a while now, however cyber security testing is often left to be done at the end of the project. When security aspect is taken into account in the development project, the backlog will be updated with malicious user stories, which are the base for test scenarios and cases as per normal. In the beginning of the project our experts can hold a Threat Modeling workshop where software designers and architects identify different threats and create the appropriate user stories. This way we can support you in bringing security to the project and to the minds of the designers.  

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