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We help our customers to understand users’ needs for payment and retail service development and to create a seamless multi-channel service experience. We modernize and boost our customers’ sales operations by automating processes and with the help of analytics and self-service. 

Partner for a modern shopping experience and self-service 

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Digital self-service guide

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Digital self-service guide

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Digital self-service guide

We offer tailor-made across-the-board solutions for retail and payments, as well as consulting. We have several years of experience in implementing consumer and B2B services for high utilization rates. Our offering includes, but is not limited to, self-service concepts, online and mobile payment systems, user authentication, customer loyalty and bonus systems, back office, BI reporting, and integrations.  

Our services consist of the design, implementation, testing and maintenance of solutions focused on a user-driven and future-proof design and creating added value for our customers. Furthermore, our extensive partner network enables us to provide software and hardware solutions from a single point of contact. 

Providing digital multi/omnichannel services for customers is a way to commit them to your services.  

  • Automated processes 

Automated processes enable you to offer consistent service and leave you time to focus on the matters that really need your attention. 

  • First-class shopping experience 

We analyze your user groups and needs, the operating environment and technical possibilities to design the best possible user experience for your customer groups. 

  • Data utilization 

Collecting data about customer behavior helps you understand your customers. Business intelligence (BI), analytics and reporting provide fast access to the data needed to analyze and develop your business.

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The right technology choices enable the best shopping experience 

By selecting the technologies and payment services that are best suited to your solution and user groups, you will secure a long lifecycle and scalable results. We want to support and serve our customers to meet their goals and guarantee a great shopping experience throughout the lifecycle of the solution.  

Close co-operation with customers, identifying needs 

Our customer is our partner. We chart the needs set for the solution and design a seamless shopping experience jointly with our customer and backed by our service designer. Our system architects make sure that the technologies and hardware selected for the solution are the right ones to secure a long lifecycle. Our maintenance service will oversee the functionality of the solution and secure high availability for it, 24/7 if necessary.   


Antti Ojaranta

Antti Ojaranta

Solution Architect, Cloud and Applications
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