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The web is the world’s favourite platform for developing user interfaces. A well-implemented, responsively scalable web service for a variety of devices can be used on all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), regardless of time or place. Examples of web-based services are digital experience platforms, online shops, service portals, information screens and tailored applications. Our web development team is at your service. We can also deliver large scale online services with integrations to many other systems. Our solutions for retail & payments can give your business a real boost!

Another growing trend at present is creating web-based HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces). Use cases for HMIs are for example service kiosks, embedded solutions or machine control user interfaces in a factory environment. 

Key Benefits
Web and mobile user interface with a single implementation
Modern and easily maintainable Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
Centralized data management and use, independent of time and place
Seamless service portals and online services
Online & offline modes possible

Web development with modern technologies

We deliver modern, device-independent, automatically screen-scalable solutions and highly accessible web apps and web services. We deliver web interfaces on a mobile first principle: user interfaces scales responsively to the size of device screen size. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) enables new features for a superior user experience. Our wide knowledge of web development technologies helps you to get the best possible solution.   

We design web services and apps with the users’ actual needs in mind. Our design teams clarifies our service concept using service design methods. 

Starting with service design

We clarify the solution concept and business objectives through service design. We design the user paths of the service with excellent usability, taking into account the accessibility requirements of the user interface. We collect data on the use and usability of the service which we implement into the design of the service based on the Data-Driven Design principle. This means that we gather data about service use and use it to develop the service.

We implement web user interfaces by employing the following technologies: React, Angular, Vue.js, and Web Components. In background system development, we prefer Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud platforms. In our projects, we ensure continuous publication and testing automation (DevOps) for high-quality and secure publication of services. For content production, we utilize an easy-to-use “Contentful” content management system as part of the implementation of the online service.

Web Development: Downloads

Digital self-service guide

Guide | PDF | 7.57 MB

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