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Compliance Consulting

Looking to ensure that your products are compliant with needed and relevant standards and regulations? We will guide you through market access requirements and manufacturer obligations such as recycling during product life-cycle. Our compliance consulting extends to helping you create product documentation as well as maintaining it during design changes.

Key Benefits
Decades of wireless expertise
Understanding regulations and standards in combined products
Global partners for accessing international markets
Single point of contact for product compliance insight

At the heart of essential standards and regulations for product compliance

To enable you to comply with necessary standards and regulations, we have a team of experts that keeps up-to-date on regulations and follow several organizations and EU harmonization statuses to provide the latest information on compliance.

We have a comprehensive library of EU and international standards for wireless, electronics, safety, military and environmental testing. We are members of REDCA with access to EU CIRCAB collaborative platform, keeping aligned with RED Notified Bodies. As a Test Laboratory, we have agreements to receive radio module manufacturer insight data, which is needed for type approvals. This way we can reduce the extent and number of tests as we know what needs to be done. Through our global partners we have access to worldwide type approvals, test laboratories and regulatory systems.

Creating compliance strategy

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Product compliance should be seen as an integral part of product development, needing a systematic approach. As a starting point, we help you build a compliance strategy to make sure your products will follow standards and regulations also in the future, and create a way of working to incorporate compliance.

We identify relevant requirements and create test plans. As nowadays many products contain wireless interfaces, the compliance process covers also the assessment of combined and multiradio product requirements as well as risk assessments and guidance for creating product documentation.

Test management

With product compliance, testing cannot be forgotten. We help you keep track of testing progress and support in solving any issues raised during testing. If some tests are not available in our testing service portfolio, we will procure it for you through our partner labs. Testing will be aligned according to the compliance strategy and our experts take care that everything runs smoothly in all internal and external labs.

Market access to rest of the world

As many of the world countries follow either EU, North America or international wireless and other standards, it is essential to have everything right with compliance from the get-go even when entering local markets first. When the correct compliance strategy and requirements are included in the product design process already in the beginning, it will ease the entry to other countries too. Through our partners, we can cover the world, provided to you from a single point of contact. We can also assist you with e.g. shipping requirements for lithium batteries or packaging design and testing.

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