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Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Industrial machinery and systems are getting more complex, and there is a continuous quest for safer, more sustainable and more connected solutions as well as for advanced remote functions. Etteplan is a seasoned expert in industrial machinery and equipment development. We meet the needs of each client with the wide scope of our solutions in engineering, software, embedded system development, and technical documentation.

Complex challenges need sophisticated solutions

When it comes to industrial machinery and equipment, specialization and raising the level of production and products are prerequisites for maintaining and developing profitability and growth. The role of product development and design are growing, and companies must be involved in the ongoing change towards sustainablility. In order to stand out, the ambitious companies strive to improve their development and design processes by utilizing more e.g. simulations and digital twins to speed up their product time to market and enhancing machine performance and safety.

Etteplan’s services are trusted by the world’s leading industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. Our clients include companies such as, ABB, Andritz, Ensto, Maillefer, Moventas Gears, Nextrom, Outotec, Rolls-Royce, and Vacon.

Our solutions

Our experts are at your service in developing all your operations. You can focus on your own core business – we can support you in all needed domains or take full responsibility over your specific non-core areas e.g. technical documentation, engineering, and application lifecycle management. Companies need to ensure the safety of their products and assets, and technical information plays a critical role. Etteplan makes the technical information available and understandable for every potential user disregarding the language barriers and expertise levels.

System providers: Whether your challenges are in product development or engineering, we can help! Our expertise covers systems engineering, requirements management and system design, as well as system safety, verification and validation. We can even take full responsibility of engineering as a continuous service.

Product and equipment development: Etteplan offers a unique combination of services for customer and user value centric product development projects. Our offering consists of Design for Excellence (DFX), simulations, digital twins, 3D printing, product variant engineering, software, user apps, connectivity, embedded solutions, testing and technical documentation.

We can help you in developing effective serial production by delivering fully automated robot cells, creating production testing solutions, designing production tooling (jig) and optimizing whole production line automation. To be cost effective at every step, we use laser scanning combined with Digital Twins, with which we can simulate the production line performance together with real 3D models. When it comes to Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), we can conduct system level security audits and perform continuous testing against security standards to ensure cyber security resilience.

End-user products: When designing end-user products, it is extremely important to find relevant product development approaches. We can help you in product prototyping for example by using digital twin with 3D printed mockup samples or support you in product concepting by conducting product innovation workshops.

Digital services: Digital operations and services play an important role in creating user-friendly digital services. Our service designers create bespoke services for your business from the back end right up to the user interface.

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