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HyperDoc is a documentation solution that produces quality documents and brings cost savings and peace of mind to people in charge of technical documentation. At the heart of HyperDoc is modularization, which significantly lowers the costs of updating documents. Thanks to the modular structure, the content can be used by different target groups and for different purposes, such as installation, user and maintenance manuals, as well as for training purposes. 

Key benefits
Up-to-date information in a single location
Major time savings
Fast and automatic document publication

HyperDoc is a content management system and service for creating, managing, translating and publishing content efficiently into multiple publication formats. It makes technical content easier to find, understand and use. 

HyperDoc helps manage a wide array of product-related information, whether texts, tables or images. The system allows users to create content and translate it into different languages, and it supports publication in multiple formats, in both digital and print. Publishing content into user manuals, product catalogues or marketing material is quick and easy with HyperDoc. 

HyperDoc will help you produce better documents and save costs 

Improve customer satisfaction and save costs
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The HyperDoc content management system is based on the single source method. Text and photos are created just once, and they can be used again and again in any material. Finding the right information quickly and updating the information in a single location saves time. Managing the style, layout and publishing of content is easy. 

Thanks to the XML method we use and specifications such as DITA and S1000D, the content is optimized for single sourcing and reuse. The use of various templates allows for the content to be published in different formats, including PDF and HTML5 for mobile devices. 

Clear and unambiguous content makes the biggest impact 

Content is created using Simplified Technical English (STE), which results in clear, concise and consistent content. Illustrations are created and managed using our Simplified Technical Illustrations method, which can result in up to 70% reuse, thanks to the simplification and structuralization of the illustrations, which can also be made interactive. 

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Features and benefits 

  • Time and cost savings thanks to single sourcing, which means the content (text and illustrations) is created only once, but can be used repeatedly. 
  • Consistent style and format in the content, as the content creation follows the same principles. 
  • Faster time-to-market, as the time to create, manage and publish content is considerably reduced. 
  • Central storage of content, which makes the content easier to manage and use to meet the needs of different target groups. 
  • Time and cost savings thanks to the automated publication process.
  • Version and configuration management, which allows for quick and easy access to different versions of a document. 
  • Compatibility with universal methods, such as DITA and S1000D, making it easier to exchange information between different systems and companies, and making the content future-proof. 


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