Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services

Our waste management services improve circular economy and help waste management companies build a more sustainable future while also achieving cost savings. Our experts have extensive expertise and decades of experience in different development projects for the waste management sector. This enables high-class and efficient implementation of unique services and tailored studies for customers’ needs. 

Key Benefits
Improving circular economy
Cost savings
Monitoring and reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions
Comprehensive assessment of environmental impacts

Separate waste collection modelling (JEKO) 

Separate waste collection modelling provides valuable information about waste accumulation, costs and environmental impacts in alternative waste collection scenarios in different collection areas. The results of the optional collection scenarios can be compared to the current state to evaluate its usefulness. Information can be used for many different purposes depending on the case and situation, for example: 

  1. Information can be used for assessing how expanding the separate collection to smaller properties affects the costs and emissions.  

  1. Information can be used for planning the most effective way to collect different sorts of waste: What is a reasonable distance from which separate waste collection still benefits the environment? How e.g., multi-chamber waste collection, underground containers, block collection, or changing to renewable fuel affects costs and environmental impacts of the collection? 

We have developed a JEKO(TM)- tool for separate waste collection modelling, in which the regional waste collection can be modelled step-by-step, including all the steps of waste collection: transitions, emptying of containers, road transports and unloading. Each area uses specific data and calculations which we have defined based on data and modeling results collected from numerous waste collection areas. JEKOTM tool combined with LCA for Experts Software (former GaBi) enables comprehensive examination of environmental impacts of waste collection and processing. 

Our experts have modelled separate waste collection in most of Finland, covering the waste management of over three million Finns. We have also produced background research about the waste law reform for the Ministry of the Environment. 

We also offer mapping software-based service for waste management companies, which can be used in the planning of separate waste collection, in the customer service of waste management and to support communication with the authorities. With the software, different examinations can be done. It is possible, for example, to easily gather information of the number of properties, apartments and residents and their waste collection in the selected areas. This data can be reflected e.g., to the obligatory limits of the separate waste collection. 

Organizational carbon footprint calculation (for waste management companies) 

Carbon footprint calculation is carried out in accordance with the GHG Protocol. The results of the study define the direct and indirect climate change impacts of waste management company’s own operations in addition to its value chain. 

Carbon footprint calculation can be used for monitoring and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of municipal waste management company’s own operations and improving the processing efficiency of wastes. By identifying the most significant emission sources in the current state, the development actions can be targeted correctly. By monitoring the carbon footprint annually, the impacts of development actions can be visualized, reported and compared. 

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