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Mechanical Engineering

Etteplan has more than 30 years’ experience in mechanical engineering, and we know the industry-specific machinery and equipment requirements like the back of our hand. We offer services for Engineer-to-Order projects and product development, and for cost-reduction projects for existing products. Our global network of hundreds of mechanical engineers guarantees that our customers receive diverse know-how in mechanical engineering and competence in all 3D modelling software programs.

Key Benefits
Solid and extensive experience
Agreed schedules are honored
High-quality engineering

Our mechanical engineering services cover all stages of the product life cycle, from concept design to commercializing and out-phasing. Our global network of hundreds of mechanical engineers guarantees that our customers receive diverse know-how and fast service. We use the best tools, 3D modelling software and technologies in the market.

Our mechanical engineering methods are the most advanced in the market: one such example is Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), which benefits the customer in the form of clear product structure, easy manufacturability and cost effectiveness.

We serve our customers in the following areas, among others:

Manufacturing drawings fast and cost-effectively
Etteplan DRAW
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  • steel structures
  • sheet metal applications
  • plastic molding
  • machine elements and layouts
  • composite structures
  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics
  • pressure equipment
  • strength calculations
  • FEM (finite element method) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations
  • precision mechanics
  • surface treatment
  • manufacturing technologies
  • ATEX
  • tolerance analyses
  • packaging design

Product development projects

The experience that Etteplan’s mechanical engineers have accumulated from a wide range of industries allows us to find the best solution for the customer’s product development challenges. Our expertise is reflected in the engineering quality, the innovativeness of the solution and the fast lead times in product development projects. We keep to the agreed schedules, and our operations are transparent and cost-effective. We plan projects in phases, which allows the customer to decide how to advance in a project based on the outcome of each individual phase.

Thanks to our culture of teamwork, every project has access to the widest range of expertise, and we produce results quickly. Etteplan has good and long-term partnerships in the manufacturing industry, and we can help the customer take their product to production, thereby saving them time in routine stages.


Engineer-to-Order projects

Service for customization and product maintenance​
Etteplan LEAN
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Etteplan provides services in Engineer-to-Order projects where the customer’s product is tailored according to the requirements of the end customer and regulations.

For the customer, the added value of an engineered-to-order project delivered as a continuous service is based on enabling the customer to focus on their core business, as Etteplan’s professionals assume overall responsibility for the entire Engineer-to-Order project or any part of it, according to the agreed schedule.

Product cost reduction projects 

The structure and manufacturability of a product have major significance for its competitiveness. With our DFMA method, we help customers redesign their existing products with the goal of improving the product’s profitability. During the process, which progresses in clear phases, we determine the changes that can be made to the number of parts, the materials and the quality of the product in order to improve its manufacturability and cost structure. A DFMA analysis may also be carried out during the product development project’s concept planning phase.


World-class strength calculations

Etteplan has world-class competence in strength calculations in applications where not only cost-effective design but also safety and durability are key requirements. Etteplan’s experts are often an integral part of the customer’s engineering processes, overseeing strength calculations in demanding product development projects. 

Additive manufacturing services

Etteplan is specialized in designing products for additive manufacturing, meaning industrial 3D printing. We serve our customers when they are planning the manufacture of an industrial machine or piece of equipment by means of additive manufacturing (3D printing). 


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