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Plant Engineering

Plant engineering services at Etteplan include process, layout, piping, steel structure, electrical, automation, HVAC and fire protection engineering. We serve process technology companies in both new investments and in rebuild and modernization projects for existing plants. Thanks to long-standing cooperation with our customers, Etteplan’s experts have accumulated competence in multiple industries, including pulp & paper, mining, energy, metals and building technologies.

Key Benefits
All services under one roof
You can trust in the safety of your plant
Cost-effectiveness in maintenance
You can focus on your core competence
Transparency in engineering costs

Etteplan offers its customers diverse plant engineering services for major new investments and for modernization projects for existing plants and facilities. We often also assume responsibility for our customers’ project management. Our more than 400 plant engineering experts in Finland, Sweden, Germany and China deliver projects worldwide.

Etteplan’s services cover all areas of basic engineering and detail engineering, and we also offer services for defining and implementing the degree of a plant’s digitalization and automation. Our expertise in strength calculations, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and modelling is world class, which is why we are able to optimize the customer’s processes in terms of material choices, use and safety.

EMP Etteplan* specializes in automation and process solutions as well as in modernization of automation systems for industry and plants. We design and maintain automation solutions for our customers in the process industry, so that they can better focus on their core competence. We also offer FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) services, commissioning services as well as user interface design for automation systems.

*EMP Etteplan (previously EMP Engineering Alliance), a German based automation technology company, was acquired by Etteplan in July 2019.


Maintenance services

As a continuous service for our customers, we produce plant maintenance services, as well as predictive maintenance planning. Our services bring transparency to servicing and maintenance planning costs and help optimize overall maintenance costs. The services we offer allow our customers to focus on developing their core competence. We also provide troubleshooting services and energy and material analyses.

Services for managing a plant’s life-cycle information

Etteplan has a deep understanding of plant documentation and technical information management, and of the impact that a plant’s life-cycle information has on the plant’s efficiency and maintenance costs. We help our customers maintain and develop their technical information processes in order to minimize unplanned plant downtime and work stages caused by incorrect information.


Plant safety services

The starting point for all our projects is plant safety. With our expertise, our customers can develop and audit a safety-related management system and bring their process, machine and occupational safety up to the requirements of current regulations and standards. Etteplan%20Safety%20%20in%20plant%20engineering.png

When planning a new plant or changing an existing process, taking the level of Process Safety into account is important. In the event of a disruption in industrial production, there must be certainty that the processes that are in operation can be safely and reliably shut down. The level of a process’s operational safety can be addressed on the basis of risk analyses and, for example, a LOPA analysis. These analyses serve as source data, for example, for electrical and automation engineering.

When investing in a new equipment base, Machine Safety is an important consideration. When acquiring new machines and machine combinations, their conformity compliance must be factored in. In internal markets, our operations are guided by EU directives and the national legislation derived from them. The modernization of an existing equipment base creates pressure to examine the risks of the new solution from the perspective of both Machine Safety and Occupational Safety. In both cases, here at Etteplan we want to make our expertise available to our customers when they are planning a new equipment base or upgrading an old one.

Johan Ehrnrooth

Johan Ehrnrooth

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