Etteplan strategy

Etteplan Strategy

Increasing value for customers

We are a forerunner in the engineering industry due to our broad technology expertise and advanced service offering. The key objective of our strategy is to create even higher value for our customers. We want to support our customers in the industrial transformation as well as grow and experiment new solutions together with them.

We are an international growth company. Our target is to grow by approximately 15 per cent per year, which would lead to revenue of more than EUR 500 million in 2024. We seek growth organically and, in a consolidating market, also through acquisitions. Our organic growth is based not only on the key elements of our strategy but also our broad service offering and expertise as well as our strong market position. By making acquisitions, we aim to increase our competence capital as well as grow our presence and service offering.

Etteplan How we win chart
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Key elements of the strategy

The strategy has three key elements: Customer value, Service solutions and Success with people.

Customer value element: the target is to further increase the customer value. By understanding the customer’s business, utilizing our wide expertise, new innovations and technologies we can create even higher value service solutions to our customers and help them to improve their business.

Service solutions element: the target is to develop service solutions which combine technologies, efficient processes, versatile expertise and world-class engineering tools and methods. We strive to bring new technologies as part of our service solutions and through that improve the customer value.

Success with people element: the target is to maintain, develop and attract talented employees, with whom, and in collaboration with our customers and partners, we will succeed in executing our strategy

Key growth areas

Etteplan has defined the constant development of service solutions, digitalization and international growth as the key growth areas:

1. Constant development of Service Solutions

We incorporate technology solutions into our Service Solutions and take advantage of digital technologies and software solutions.

2. Digitalization

We develop digital services, enhance our software development capabilities and support our customers in digitalization.

3. International growth

We expand our full service offering in all of our current markets. We seek growth in Central Europe and Asia, especially in China.

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