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Embedded Software Design

Ranging from telecommunication devices to industrial measurement or sensoring applications, Etteplan delivers embedded software design to all applications. The deliveries can be extended to cover the connectivity, cloud computing and analysis systems. Embedded to the maximum. 

Key Benefits
Embedded software expertise
Supported and maintained platforms
Expandable service offering to cover software design, documentation and testing

Embedded software with a difference

Embedded software has a nature of its own. It may run on powerful resources doing heavy analysis and operating a high definition User Interface (UI), or it may be the intelligence in a battery operated IoT sensor with optimized power consumption. Or anything in between. But more often than not, there is a need for quick response times with low power consumption.  

You can be a developer of telecommunication devices with high computing power platforms or a developer of sensor applications for end users. We are able to provide you a complete turnkey project - the whole device with embedded software, connectivity and cloud computing as well as analysis systems. We support you with solving potential bottlenecks in product development but can also adopt your own product development processes for delivering the embedded software projects. 

Etteplan provides embedded software projects, including software documentation, software testing and test automation as well as cyber security design with penetration tests if necessary.

Complete delivery of embedded software

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At Etteplan, we use well supported and maintained modern platforms for embedded software development to both future proof software maintenance and to keep development project costs and risks under control. Our main choices are ARM Mbed and Yocto Linux, and for both of these we have well experienced personnel, tools and processes in place. We have developed complete products using both platforms covering end user devices, gateways and cloud solutions. Having these industry standard platforms in use, it lowers the barrier also for you to further develop and maintain the delivered systems independently.

Our software projects can be delivered on your premises as part of your development team which gives the flexibility for you to handle an embedded software project with minimal contractual hassle, with the costs running only for the development period. With an outsourced project, on the other hand, you are freed from hands-on project management, having the ability to focus on other things. Our software projects are delivered using agile development methodologies, such as Scrum.

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Developing MedTech devices - guidebook

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