Etteplan history

Etteplan's Journey

Etteplan has set the standard in engineering design for over 30 years. The company has been a pioneer in the development of engineering design and methods as well as new business models. For example, we anticipated the needs of our customers by being the first Nordic operator in the industry to open an office in China. The first productized services in the field of engineering design improve the efficiency of our customers’ operations and the competitiveness of their products. In almost 40 years, we have grown from a small engineering firm in a small town in Southern Finland into a global technology service company with top-class expertise and the most competitive service solutions in the industry.

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history 4000th employee

2022: 4,000th employee joins Etteplan

Being a global organization and a growth company, Etteplan has now a total of over 4,000 employees in eight operating countries. Nearly half of Etteplan’s employees are located outside of Finland. Together we innovate solutions that clear the way for the future.




History image LCA consulting

2022: Etteplan takes a leap towards sustainability – the LCA Consulting acquisition 

Etteplan expands on sustainability expertise through the acquisition of LCA Consulting Oy in Finland. Through the acquisition, Etteplan is moving towards a more sustainable future for our-selves and our partners. "Our most significant climate impacts arise through our value chains and customer relationships" Outi Torniainen, SVP for Marketing and Communications.


History image 10 years as CEO

2022: Juha Näkki reaches a milestone as the CEO of Etteplan for ten years

“Over the years Etteplan has developed and renewed itself in a way which has allowed me to continue to find new things to ex-perience and learn.”




History image Cognitas

2022: Etteplan makes one of its largest acquisitions to date – welcome Cognitas

Etteplan acquires Cognitas GmbH from Canon and becomes a market leading company in technical documentation in Germany gaining an additional 200 professionals. The acquisition strengthened Etteplan’s position in Germany and continued strategic investments in Central Europe. 



History image syncore

2021 - 2022: Acquisitions of Syncore Technologies AB from Sweden and S.A. from Poland

Etteplan expanded its software and embedded capabilities inter-nationally through the acquisitions of Syncore Technologies AB from Sweden (2022) and S.A. from Poland (2021). The acquisitions are a continuation to investments in digitalization and software development Etteplan has made during recent years. 



2021: EtteplanEtteplan-denmark_1.jpg enters Denmark and acquires TekPartner

Entering Denmark through the acquisition of TekPartner, an engineering and IT company specialized in electronics and software, opens up new growth opportunities to Etteplan.




2019 & 2020: StrengthenEtteplan-europe-map_1.jpging presence through acquisitions

During 2019 and 2020 Etteplan was successful in growing internationally: two acquisitions were made in Sweden, two in the Netherlands and after the acquisition of EMP Engineering, Etteplan started to offer engineering solutions in Germany.



2019: Supporting NEtteplan-neste-mobile-app_1.jpgeste in their digitalization

Etteplan implemented project management, systems integration as well as a mobile payment app for Neste’s self-service store and developed back-end systems for Neste Easy Wash.




2019: Etteplan to Nasdaq MiEtteplan-nasdaq-helsinki_1.jpgd Cap market capitalization segment

Starting from 2019 Etteplan quotes in Nasdaq Mid Cap segment where companies have a market value between 150 million euro and 1 billion euro.




2018: Etteplan acquired Etteplan history 2018software company Eatech Oy

Through the acquisition, Etteplan significantly strengthened its capabilities to deliver comprehensive digital solutions and software.





2017: GeograEtteplan history mapphical expansion

New offices opened in Beijing and Xi'an in China and Poznan in Poland.





2016: Acquisitions of Espotel anEtteplan history 2016d Soikea Solutions

The acquisition reinforce Etteplan’s expertise in embedded systems and into the Internet of Things (IoT). New service area Embedded Systems and IoT was established.





2016: SuccessEtteplan history 2016 Success in strategic growth areas in strategic growth areas

The share of Managed services exceed 50%. Continuous success for Etteplan’s outsourcing business.





2016: Engineering wEtteplan illustration 2016ith a difference

New brand promise and visual outlook were launched.






2015: EnterinEtteplan history 2015g the German market

Etteplan entered the German market through the acquisition of arvato AG’s technical documentation business.





2015: Expansion in plant engineEtteplan history 2015ering

The acquisitions of SAV and Suomen Unit strengthened Etteplan’s market share in plant engineering.





2013: New visEtteplan history 2013ion launched

“Our customers get the best service solutions anywhere at any time.”





2012: Latest methods Etteplan history 2012and solutions in engineering design

Etteplan is an industry forerunner in the development of advanced engineering methods and productized services. The services utilize the latest technologies and tools.




2009: Transfer to Etteplan history 2009solution business

Since 2009 Etteplan has gradually moved towards high value-added services and solution business. The change of business model enables growth and profitability. 





2004: China operationEtteplan history 2004s commence

Etteplan was the first Nordic engineering design company to establish an office in China. We have already served more than 120 customers in China.





2001: Increasing coEtteplan history 2001mpetence by acquisitions

Competence base has been broadened in the 21st century by acquisitions especially in Finland and Sweden. The company became a significant partner e.g. to the aerospace and defense industry and medical equipment manufacturers.




2000: InternatiEtteplan history 2000 IPOonalization and IPO

Etteplan was listed on NM-list of Helsinki Exchanges in April 2000. Soon after the listing the company’s international operations department was established.





1998: OutsourEtteplan history 1998cing as a new business model

A new business model was introduced in 1998 when Valmet and Etteplan agreed on the transfer of 30 designers to Etteplan. Almost 500 designers in total have been transferred to Etteplan through outsourcings.





1985: First computer-assisted prEtteplan history 1985ogram

Etteplan’s first loan was needed to buy a computer. In 1985 it came to cost FIM 320 000 (approximately EUR 54 000).





1983: EtteEtteplan is founded 1983plan is founded

Etteplan was founded by four engineering company entrepreneurs: Ensio Juotasniemi, Tero Elomaa, Tapani Mönkkönen and Esko Poltto. The initial component of the company name – Ette – originates from the initials of their first name.