Our solutions for

Mining and Materials Handling

Mining is without a doubt one of the most complex industries in the world. Etteplan works with its mining clients to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges. We deliver market-leading solutions that help you improve performance, minimize risks, and reduce environmental impact. The comprehensive offering covers modern plant design, effective asset management, heavy machinery engineering, digital product and service development and highly functional connectivity e.g. private networks.

We feel very confident in Etteplan as trusted service provider. They have the expertise to ensure that our machines and plants comply with all relevant legal requirements for worldwide distribution.
Timo Neumann

Striving for a highly functional mine

When working in extremely challenging conditions, the goals are set in ultimate safety, extreme automation, as well as lightning-fast and secure network connections. This requires state-of-the-art facilities and machinery, rigorous equipment upkeep, and continuous risks assessment. The operating conditions, complex processes, and increasing automation place enormous demands for agile and reliable data transfer as well. There can be no latency or disturbances in a mine’s network in order for the machines to work properly. Valid and reliable real time data together with asset information management are of vital importance as they enable more precise service predictability, optimal productivity and improved revenue to cost ratios.



Our solutions for the mining industry

As an expert of combining the physical world with business processes, Etteplan offers a wide array of services in the mining domain.

Services for suppliers and mining equipment manufacturers: We are experts in agile design and simulation-based product development of quarrying, crushing, drilling, transportation and materials handling equipment. We are also at the forefront of electrification and autonomous driving - developing sensors, and software, taking care of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as developing modern battery technology for electric vehicles. Furthermore, with our help you can offer eLearning solutions to train mining personnel about operating and servicing mining equipment.

Services for asset owners and mining companies: Etteplan offers diverse plant engineering services both for major new investments as well as for refurbishing existing installations. The offering covers plant engineering disciplines from plant design to maintenance engineering, safety engineering, risk management and connectivity. Our plant engineering experts in Finland, Sweden, Germany and China deliver projects worldwide.

Services for system integrators and technology suppliers: We partner with plant technology suppliers offering detailed engineering, technical documentation and technology development as well as system level automation software.

To increase operative efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction, we can help your maintenance and service personnel to proactively plan and service products quickly, correctly and safely. Moreover, we offer asset information solutions that make a difference: with our help, your business will strengthen its competitive advantage, boost operational performance, focus on core business, and manage market volatility. You can make sure the right information can be accessed by different stakeholders at any time with Etteplan HowTo content delivery platform.


Digital transformation significantly enhances efficiency and safety

For the mining industry, the next frontier is digital. Automation and connectivity enable optimized energy consumption, increased productivity, autonomous vehicles, remote functions, predictive maintenance and entirely novel applications and services. Powered by cloud computing, data can be gathered and analyzed to deliver insights for business and predictive maintenance. These are all factors, that improve safety and efficiency of the mine greatly.

Designed to meet the highest functional safety requirements, Etteplan provides automation services for the entire mining process, from process and field instrumentation to process automation software solutions.

Automation and connectivity cannot be utilized without extremely reliable network connections. Etteplan’s connectivity solutions and radio technology competence meet the most demanding requirements for network availability, reliability and cyber security, providing the best possible performance for challenging conditions. Located entirely on-site in the company’s own operating environment and controlled by the company, a private network enables flexible performance-critical data transfer in all situations.