Etteplan top 10 reasons to join Etteplan

Top 10 reasons to join Etteplan

At Etteplan, we talk about “engineering with a difference” or “digitalization with a difference”, but what makes us different? Here are the top 10 reasons to join Etteplan!

1. Engineering with a difference

This is our core approach. We believe in the power of engineering and digitalization to change the world. But solving tomorrow’s challenges will require different types of people, different competencies, different solutions and a different way of thinking. We all work with different engineering or digitalization solutions.

What does “engineering with a difference” mean, then?

For you, it’s a great opportunity to challenge the status quo, rethink various technical and software solutions for different industries and constantly improve the way things are done.

For customers, it’s a new approach to getting added value—in a smarter, more structured way—so they can focus on their core business.


2. People power

Work with people who inspire each other to achieve great things.

Check out Ulla Kemppainen’s story. She is an Etteplan design engineer who is dreaming big and making it happen despite being paralyzed after a snowboarding accident. In 2017, she won the Le Mans World Championship in the MotoGP Grand Prix paraplegic category with her 600cc motorcycle.


Get to know a smart and diverse bunch of people who like to have fun together:

  • 4,000+ bright and talented people working in over 80 offices worldwide
  • A highly educated group of experienced specialists
  • People that thrive on interdisciplinary teamwork and believe that it’s heterogeneity that makes the difference
  • Diverse areas of engineering expertise


3. Meaningful innovation

Be a part of designing technologies that improve the world, and life itself. The future of our planet depends on smart, innovative engineering solutions. Smart mobility. Connected machines. Renewable energy. Medical systems that save lives. We are proud to be contributing to our society and working to benefit the environment.
See our references!


4. Diversity of choice

Whoever you are or whatever you do, you’ll find a broad range of engineering and digitalization disciplines to explore at Etteplan.

Software and Embedded Solutions: Work with digitalization, embedded technologies that connect things to the internet and future-proof mobile solutions with meaningful digital experiences.

Engineering Solutions: Etteplan provides engineering services for multiple industries. The results of our work can be seen in numerous industrial applications worldwide.

Technical Documentation Solutions:  Etteplan is a leading provider of technical documentation services and solutions; we excel in advanced documentation methods which bring tangible benefits to our customers.


5. Cool customers

Work with some of the world´s most ambitious, forward-thinking companies.

Most of our customers are global manufacturing companies that manufacture industrial machinery and equipment, but we have also developed innovative products for SME’s and start-up-companies. Our customers come from various industries including paper and forestry, mining, lifting and hoisting, medical technology and automotive.

We have many customers who offer products and services to consumers. Many of the solutions are useful for both professional users and consumers. If you look at our references and customers, you will most likely notice many familiar companies.


6. Aiming higher

Have a rewarding career on every level.

Regardless of whether you are highly experienced or recently graduated, we believe you will discover endless possibilities to develop yourself. At Etteplan, learning never ends, we promise that, too. Participating in different projects will increase your insight into different industries and their challenges, as well as their products.

How would you like to develop your career path?


7. Globally local

Work wherever you are or embark on a global career in one of our over 80 offices worldwide.

Currently, we are about 4,000 colleagues at Etteplan, working in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Denmark, China and the US. Etteplan is a truly global company, and we were the first Nordic engineering services company to start operations in China.


8. Balancing work and leisure

Taking time to live will only inspire your work.

“You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.” Juha Näkki, President & CEO

Our approach

  • To respect the distinction between your professional and personal life
  • To give a high level of individual responsibility based on trust
  • To maintain a healthy balance between work, family, friends and self 

Is this something that is important to you?


9. Celebrate success

We believe that a successful team beats with one heart. We are proud of what we do, because our work makes a difference. Success is not just what you achieve, but what you inspire others to do. Great teams can achieve anything!

Our different locations and teams have different ways and traditions to celebrate success. But we also have global online events where we can share successful practices and projects together. One tradition is EtteplanGO!, a global event that encourages our people to get together.


10. Culture matters

EtteplanGO challenge
EtteplanGO! is a social and fun exercise challenge where everyone can take part regardless of their fitness background