Service Products

Fast. Flexible. Efficient. 
Our Service Products in a nutshell.


Should your best people be spending valuable time producing engineering drawings instead of developing new products? Are you interested in shortening the lead times of your engineering processes, but just feel that resources are stretched? 

You are not alone. And don’t worry, there’s no need to disrupt your daily operations by reinventing the wheel. That’s because our service products are pre-defined, well-proven service concepts for specific R&D and manufacturing engineering tasks. They are all designed to improve your performance and make life easier. 

You only pay for results while maintaining control of the process thanks to our transparent cooperation model and KPIs for measuring our performance. Our service products can be delivered as a Managed Service, for example, where we take full responsibility for a defined part of your engineering process and work continuously to improve the performance over time. Alternatively, as a project delivery you get the service for a defined time period.


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