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How we work

Stay focused on what you do best. And we help with the rest.  

Increasingly, the outsourcing of non-core functions or capabilities is becoming a popular way to maximize the best use of competencies and improve cost-efficiency. In other words, it enables you stay more focused on your core business and at the same time reap the benefits of scalability and increased competitiveness.  

As we operate in seven countries, we can offer outsourcing services with a global footprint covering our whole service portfolio of engineering, software development, embedded software design and technical documentation. With outsourcing, you may be able to get a project up and going in just a few weeks. Being able to use this kind of flexible additional capacity can significantly speed up your growth. 

But let’s be clear about one thing: outsourcing does not mean losing control. When you outsource a service, process or a function to us, you are always part of a transparent process in which we have ongoing checkpoint meetings. We pride ourselves on following up on KPIs to ensure that we are always meeting your objectives and exceeding your expectations. We are a partner that wants to grow outsourcing relationships into strategic co-operations. 

Delivery Models

Together with our customers we select the best delivery model suited for the cooperation.  

Consultancy service model 

Traditional consultancy service model brings speed and flexibility and can be preferable when customer’s focus is on managing in-house demand fluctuations or they need rapid, wide, and cost-effective access to special expertise. You can find here a comprehensive list of Etteplan’s services and competences

Project model 

Project delivery model ensures effective execution​ of single assignments with clear deliverables and full flexibility when it comes to managing resources and competences. ​ 

When striving for fast results and maximum quality in your product development projects, we use our own project model. Etteplan’s experts are extensively trained in project management and lead engineering methodologies to ensure common practices and project efficiency. 

Etteplan project management model

We also provide all necessary systems and tools such as software, engineering, communications, reporting, document management as well as necessary integrations with customer’s IT infrastructure. 

Read more about our successful projects on our Reference section.  

Managed service model 

Managed service model provides long-term overall capability improvement​s that allow you to focus on your core processes​ and at the same time gain cost and quality improvements. Managed services can easily be combined with Etteplan offshoring​ services in Asia and Eastern Europe.  

In this delivery model, we will be your partner for executing repeated work orders based on predefined scope of work. Work orders can vary from small tasks to small projects that need additional competencies and skills. All work orders are managed through a digital customer portal that makes it easy to place orders, follow up status and KPI’s that have been agreed for the service. 

Our trained service teams together with active service management enable us to meet your expectations, service quality, and business objectives. We continuously develop our customer domain knowledge, processes and product know-how and transparent documented operating model with dedicated roles, responsibilities and KPIs.  

Etteplan has a proven track record of delivering successful managed services to customers in various industries and within all our expertise/service areas. 

As an example, we offer Engineer-to-order as managed service where your customer sets the requirements and we help you to customize the product design. Many of our OEM customers rely on our Engineering-to-Order services to secure higher flexibility, productivity, and reliable deliveries in all market situations. These R&D projects are often more complex and must be tailored to meet stringent end-requirements and local regulations.  

Quality Management Systems

Etteplan's Quality Management Systems (QMS) are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.  

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 13485

For customers in Medical Technology Etteplan has ISO 13485:2016 on three sites. With ISO 13485:2016 certification, our customers do not necessarily need a full-fledged quality system of their own. This makes product development easier for smaller companies and start-ups.  


Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy

The QEHS policy is a statement related to Etteplan's certified quality and environmental systems and aspects related to the management of occupational health and safety. It demonstrates Etteplan's commitment to these areas. 

Etteplan Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy pdf