Professional Services

Professional Services

Our customers realise that Information is their key asset enabling growth, driving customer experience, developing & sustaining their knowledge base, and optimizing their operational model.  

Success for us as leading Technical Information supplier is there to help your organization to capture, organize, structure and harness the full spectrum of knowledge and information within your company. In that manner we make it Findable, and Accessible for each user, Interoperable across platforms, devices and applications and Re-usable for different purposes.  

Does that sound FAIR to you? 

Our mission is to provide practical and actionable Professional Services, allowing us not only to discover but also solve problems and address challenges for our customers. Engineering real impact. 

Our services allow organizations to Enable their people, processes and assets, Empower them to differentiate and Elevate the experience they offer to their clients. A triple E rated approach!

Elevate enable empower
Key Benefits
Enable Growth through freeing up valuable time of your people
Ensured Regulatory Compliancy and Improved Safety
Reduced Product Design & Development costs
Capture and share your organisation’s knowledge & experience
Reduce CO2 footprint by getting rid of paper and reduced travelling

Support through every stage of your Product Life Cycle 

Product lifecycle chart

Treating Technical Information as one of your prime assets  

Are you aware that over 50% of your technical buyers base their purchase decisions on the quality of your Technical information and spend more time studying your technical information rather than spending time with your sales staff?

Or do you know that your Service staff spends more than 20-30% of their time finding the right information to solve a customer’s problem or outage. Needless to say what this does for your Customer Satisfaction. 

Sufficient reason to treat your Technical  information as prime asset 

This requires creating an integral and consistent  Information Value chain coordinated with your Product Life Cycle, and this often means busting the silos within your company. 

Content diagram


Aligning your  Technical Information Value chain with your business objectives 

Circular chart

An Information Value chain only delivers value when it is carefully aligned with your business challenges & objectives. We have helped many of our customers with Technical Information Value Chain & Capabilities in relation to their Business Challenges & Objectives.  

Aligning your Technical Information with your Business Objectives often required a major Transformation! 

Having done these assessments and road mapping for many customers we are confident that we are not only able to help you with identifying the necessary steps but also guiding you through the transformation process itself. For this purpose, we have the relevant capabilities and tooling available.

Reducing your CO2 footprint by going digital 

The amount of paper being used by most companies is enormous. Conservative estimates are around 10,000 sheets of paper per year being used per employee in a company. 

Another staggering figure is the amount of (global) travelling still involved for your employees, and that does not even include the amount of unproductive (travelling) time spent on travelling.  

These are just two parameters that drive your CO2 footprint as a company, and for which we are happy to help you to reduce by going Digital. 

Leveraging your knowledge & experience across time and place is key! 

Servers diagram

A turnkey service that Etteplan has designed for you to go to digital is called Etteplan HowTo . It is designed for you to accelerate & leverage access to the right information for end-users – time, location and device independent.  

This will boost productivity and reduce your CO2 footprint dramatically! 

And other major step forward by going digital with Etteplan HowTo is the insight you will gain regarding the actual usage of your technical information through Etteplan HowTo Analytics. Detailed insights about what works and doesn’t work for your staff and customers.  

Driving continuous improvements based on facts rather than assumptions 

From challenge to change 

Our services allow organizations to Enable their people, processes and assets, Empower them to differentiate and Elevating the experience they offer to their clients. 

Elevate enable empower table

Start your journey today and let us help you to transform your business 

We have helped many of your colleagues in the industry. Besides all your other challenges it may seem very daunting to bust the silos within your company, deploy an integral Information Value Chain and create a real Return on Technical Product Information.  

That is where we like to help you! 

We help you to understand where you are, also in relation to other players in your industry. Where you need to be in line with your business challenges & objectives and most importantly, we help you with How to get there. 

Having helped hundreds of your colleagues we are sure we can be of value to you as well. Let us take a first step today. Give us a call! 

Maaret Henriksson

Maaret Henriksson

Head of Professional Services
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