User-driven technical documentation increases customer satisfaction and product quality

Etteplan INFO

Etteplan INFO is an outsourcing service in which Etteplan has the overall responsibility for the production, updating and distribution of the technical documentation related to a customer’s products and assets.

The simplification and harmonization of the process makes us faster, saves costs and improves quality. We are confident that we will quickly see concrete results.
Daniel Hanngren
Director Group Operations Development
Husqvarna group
Key Benefits
Quality of technical documentation improves
Shorter documentation process lead time
Product and asset safety improves
Cost monitoring improves
You can focus on your core business

Technical documentation or product information means the technical product data required throughout a product’s lifecycle, which is included in user and installation guides, user and maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogs and marketing and training material. The quality, timeliness and findability of product and asset information has major significance for the smooth flow of servicing and maintenance, for example. High-quality and user-friendly documentation also meets industry standards and directives (e.g. the machinery directive), which ensures the safe use of machinery and equipment.


How much does the technical documentation for your product or asset cost?

Product development or plant engineers often take responsibility for creating and managing product documentation on top of their other tasks. For this reason, monitoring the true costs of documentation can be difficult. Additionally, documentation takes the professionals’ time away from developing their core expertise, which also has a price tag. Technical documentation is a special field of expertise with constantly digitalizing and evolving methods and tools. This is why we pose the question: Does it make overall financial sense to produce and manage technical product information or asset information in-house?


We help you turn your technical documentation into a profit center

In Etteplan INFO service we take the full responsibility of your technical documentation and information management function including creation, management, and delivery of your technical information products. You can focus on your core business.

The value of Etteplan INFO is based on a cost efficient way of working, resulting to high-quality deliverables through improved methods, tools, and processes. The service ensures that not only your technical documents but also the technical documentation process are professional and accurate, meeting or even exceeding the highest standards.

Customers that use Etteplan INFO receive valuable support and advise on how to increase productivity by developing information strategies, renewing documentation process, practices, systems, and tools.

Etteplan INFO brings transparency and cost-effectiveness

The Etteplan INFO service brings transparency to the quality and costs of your product’s or asset’s technical documentation. In accordance with our service model, we develop our operations continuously and set goals and a budget for our work, which we then monitor in regular steering group meetings. You can impact the development of the cooperation process that we monitor using KPIs we have set together.

Our service model gives you peace of mind and you can focus your company’s resources on developing your core competence. We supply you with the resources that your company might not be able to develop and maintain. Or which would not be profitable either.

Expertise creates cost-effectiveness

Etteplan is a top expert in technical documentation. We have at our disposal the latest methods, software and tools to ensure that the quality of our work meets the most stringent usability and safety requirements. We have developed our process for two decades ad we know the industry-specific requirements of our customers. As an experienced provider of engineering services we also know our customers’ devices and technology, which brings our customers significant benefits.

By outsourcing your company’s technical documentation with Etteplan, you will save on technical documentation costs, as do all of our customers that have chosen the Etteplan INFO service. In addition, we supply manuals, spare parts books and other necessary documentation that is relevant to your company’s product.


Development of your documentation to correspond with future needs

In addition to cost-effectiveness, you will benefit from our continuous development of your technical documentation function in your company and from methods and tools that are appropriate and correspond with the field’s latest technology. You can be assured that the end result is high in quality and user driven.

High-quality technical manuals and guides benefit both maintenance professionals and customers and end users. At their best, up-to-date and clear manuals improve the product’s user experience and customer satisfaction. High-quality manuals and spare parts books also benefit the servicing and maintenance business: maintenance tasks become faster when data is up to date and the right information can be found quickly. The efficiency of maintenance business increases when equipment and plant downtime decreases due to effective maintenance.

Benefit from our outsourcing process and focus on what’s important

Etteplan INFO is an end-to-end service for the production, updating and distribution of a company’s entire technical documentation. You can also, if you wish, outsource part of your process or purchase it as a continuous service, allowing you to benefit from our cost-effective process and quality improvements with regard to the contents and the functioning of the process.

Also take a look at our other technical documentation service products: the Etteplan PARTS service for producing and updating spare parts books, the Etteplan DOC product data management service and the Etteplan AIM asset information production and management service.


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