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The transportation industry has been developing rapidly in recent years. It is mainly influenced by technological progress and the increasing use of modern technologies in transportation services. Instead of just counting the miles and gallons of wasted fuel, today’s processes have become smarter and more efficient thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning or RFID technologies. These enable Etteplan’s specialists to build new business models, digital services and solutions changing the face of today’s transportation.   

In addition to transportation, logistical operations in warehouses, harbors and factories play a key role in the efficient material flow. Harmonized operational solutions with a great user experience are a must nowadays. Tracking your assets and fleet in real-time outside and inside is a key to optimizing your operations even further, collecting and analyzing the data that belongs to everyone. 

Smart Transportation & Logistics Solutions 

Etteplan is a comprehensive supplier of intelligent solutions for the transportation & logistics industry.  We have experience in developing fleet management systems & applications, real-time vehicle & assets location tracking, transaction systems, warehouse management systems, route planning and payment processing systems. We stand ready to help optimise and digitize your transportation operations as well as streamline them for logistics purposes. 

Intelligent traffic applications 

We have experience in implementing mobile applications and custom software solutions supporting transportation services. We developed solutions for mobile refuelling, car-sharing, traffic management, payment and tax settlements.

Fleet management systems 

Depending on the way you are using your company's vehicles, we deliver bespoke solutions for effectively managing your fleet in real-time. What is more, our solutions can help monitor drivers' behaviour on the road. For example, carsharing is an aspect of the growing sharing economy. Digital platforms make it possible to transition towards “pay-per-use” and “pay-per-outcome” business models within your fleet. 
Tracking solutions and IoT 

Dedicated tracking solutions improve the visibility of your shipments, assets or fleet. They are developed to perfectly fit your and your users' needs, no matter what you want to track.  

Some of the technologies we use:  

  • AI, 
  • RFID, 
  • Sensors (position, temperature, motion, shock etc.), 
  • Barcodes, 
  • Geofencing 
  • Telematics.  

System integration development 

We integrate existing transportation and traffic systems and make the data flow as smooth as possible.  All in the service of simplifying your processes. Also, by connecting your systems, you will be able to maximise traceability of your assets, fleet and shipments as well as minimise the risk of errors or bottlenecks.   

Yard management, LPR and cargo hubs 

We have experience working with traffic and yard management systems. We use technology like license plate recognition, GPS, IoT and messaging. For the Polish Port of Gdansk, we developed an innovative system for managing, booking and navigating the flow of trucks at the facility. 

Full-scale logistic operations, efficiency and transparency  

Platform to support all the key operations of Hakonen and their customers. They are providing logistics services to their customers and we built together with a web-based solution for them. It contains warehousing operations (WMS), value-added services as well as resource planning and last-mile delivery services portal. At the end of the material flow, the customer can even choose the best delivery time for them and installation of the delivered fridge if needed. 


There is a better way to manage your transportation services 

You can trust us with your next transportation & logistics software project. We know how difficult it is to gather ideas on how to improve and optimise traffic, tracing and operations or supply chain management. Not to mention putting them into a plan.  

No matter what your needs are, the intelligent transportation & logistics solutions from Etteplan cover a full range of services – from the research and design phase, through the development phase to the launch and support phase. We will help you at every stage of your project or idea. 

Our special expertise is focused on solutions combining embedded software, cloud connectivity, cloud-based data platforms and user-driven web & mobile apps. 

With our solutions, you can increase the efficiency of your business as well as reduce delays, risks and costs in your operations. Drop us a few lines about your challenge or upcoming project and we will work with you to deliver your game-changing digital product. Push your processes forward with Etteplan. 


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