Technical Product Information

Technical Product Information

Different users across the product lifecycle need to be able to install, commission, use, and service products quickly, confidently, correctly and safely.  

At Etteplan, we have the expertise to instruct users, operators, and service technicians clearly and unambiguously. This increases efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.  

Etteplan’s provides services and solutions for creating, managing, localizing, and translating technical product information as well as publishing and making it findable and available on multiple digital channels. Our mission is that your technical information enables safe, secure and efficient operations, empowers your teams with information for streamlined workflows and elevates your customer experience to future-proof your business.

Key Benefits
Ensured compliance with directives and regulations
Ensured safety and health
Reduced product design costs, develop once use many times
Reduced CO2 footprint
Reduced time spent on finding and accessing the right information to do the job

Installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance and service of products is typically performed while working under the pressures of time and money. While a product is out of use for service, it can lead to cost and inconvenience. It is in everyone’s interest that maintenance and service work is done safely and efficiently. The safety of the personnel and anyone who is near the work site is paramount while work is in progress. We are adept at recognizing risks and including appropriate warnings and cautions to ensure that personnel stay safe. 

To limit down-time for a machine or a production line it is critical that the right technical information is findable and available at the right time for the right user in the right context. 

Furthermore, our high-quality information facilitates clear translations and reinforces your brand image. 

We offer the following services to support technical product information:

  • Strategic assessment and advisory incl. program management 
  • Content creation including structured documentation in DITA 
  • Visualizations incl. animations, CGI, VR and AR 
  • Translations and localizations 
  • Learning services  
  • Service Design incl. user experience 
  • Deployment and support of content creation and digital content delivery tooling 
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Eric Tengstrand

Eric Tengstrand

Global Service Solutions Director Technical Communication Solutions
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