How We Create Value

As a global engineering company, Etteplan’s role is to be a provider of solutions for our customers and the planet as a whole. The majority of our customers are among the world’s leading manufacturers. They pursue renewal in their operations to become more efficient and sustainable.

The core of Etteplan’s strategy is to create value for our customers and produce results that matter. By combining technologies with our expertise and taking our service solutions to the industrial scale, we help our customers achieve their goals, fulfill environmental requirements and minimize costs. In addition to creating value for our customers, we also create value for the surrounding society and communities, both now and in the future.

Etteplan how we create value

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Etteplan’s value creation model is based on describing the starting point for our work, the values and strengths that guide our operations and the positive impacts of our work. We recognize that the world around us will change drastically in the decades to come. We will secure our future operating conditions through our strong technology expertise and by working close to our customers wherever they operate.