career model

Career Model

Career opportunities and progression

Etteplan uses a bespoke Career model. Using this model, Etteplanians have several ways to seek new opportunities for their career development. Grow your expertise in other competence areas in an open environment and good atmosphere. Take on new challenges and build your own path within Etteplan. Joining Etteplan is only your first step, growth is not always linear, so we encourage our people to take a chance, think out of the box and look for new opportunities within the company.

  • Opportunities to develop new skills
  • Build your own career path
  • Grow with your colleagues in the global organization.
Career model

Examples of Career progression

The career model is an inclusive and transparent tool to support career development and professional growth. As part of our model Etteplanians shared their career stories and dreams, one example of which is our President and CEO Juha Näkki.

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Career stories listing

Astrid Stolberg
"Being able to roam the exhibition hall as an avatar using VR was exciting and made me experience once again WHAT technical documentation is all about and how much fun it can be!" 
Astrid Stolberg
Project Manager
Johanna Lötjönen
"Etteplan truly has been the perfect place for me to grow professionally as well as personally."
Johanna Lötjönen
Team Manager
Albert Kolakowski highlight
“It's not only different projects within the scope of one specialty, but, as my example shows, you also try different departments (industries).”
Albert Kołakowski
Software Design Engineer
Etteplan Hanna Makowska
“I was given a lot of trust when I decided to walk down the path of project management with a background in software.”
Hanna Makowska
Team Manager
Pawel Kopczyk
"I knew nothing comes for free. I had to show my commitment and consistency. I am proud of what I have accomplished."
Paweł Kopczyk
Software Design Engineer