Meet your colleagues

At Etteplan you will be working with over 4000 of the smartest technology specialists in 8 different countries, 3 different continents. Meet some of your colleagues!

Milja Booij Liewers
“I am proud to work for this global company that has a focus on growth, professional expertise, and quality. Never a dull moment!"
Milja Booij Liewers
Senior Technical Information Specialist
Monika Smektalska
"I wanted to go further into accountancy and finance. I told my manager this, and it happened."
Monika Smektalska
Finance Assistant
Lars career story
“It’s an interesting area of expertise where you can do a lot of good for others, I actually make a difference”.
Lars Sköld
Senior Documentation Manager
Hannes Olsson highlight
“I think it’s inspiring that our customer chose to build a whole machine themselves. I’ve learned so much and I really like to see companies who dare to make these kinds of investments.”
Hannes Olsson
Mechanical Engineer
Michael Born
The people here are not just colleagues who have to work together, but actively want to.
Michael Born
Group Manager
Bolette Møller
"Embracing these opportunities enables me to broaden my capabilities and expand my professional knowledge, fostering a sense of personal and career oriented development that I appreciate."
Bolette Møller
Consultant Delivery Manager
Łukasz Rybka highlight
“The exchange of experience not only allows for personal development, but also has a positive impact on building the competence of the entire team.”

Łukasz Rybka
Lead Documentation Specialist
Sabine Laerke_Career story highlight
“Communication across teams, business areas, and even countries are so easy, whether it is Finland, Sweden, Denmark or even further – everybody wants to help."
Sabine Lærke
Sales manager
Martin Bay Milter: Hybrid work has brought us together
“This embracement of remote working has been important, the fact that we have this in the company has been an important factor for me.”
Martin Milter Bay
Sales Manager
Kristiina highlight image
”People should be open about what they want and what feels like their own thing and tell their supervisor about it. Etteplan always aims to support career transitions when they are possible.”
Kristiina Einola
Department Manager
Anna Höyer highlight
The most enjoyable part of my leadership role is to see other people grow, to help them get where they want to be and to be able to be part of that journey
Anna Höyer
Area Manager
Albert Kolakowski highlight
“It's not only different projects within the scope of one specialty, but, as my example shows, you also try different departments (industries).”
Albert Kołakowski
Software Design Engineer
Yanki Dogan career story
"At Etteplan, people listen to what you have to say. They also listen to your needs and look for projects that fit your capabilities."
Yanki Dogan
Software Design Engineer
Antti Kovanto career story
“It has been a flying start – I have been running around to client offices and participating in a couple of project initiations and getting to know the environment.”
Antti Kovanto
Senior Software Test Engineer
Pawel Kopczyk
"I knew nothing comes for free. I had to show my commitment and consistency. I am proud of what I have accomplished."
Paweł Kopczyk
Software Design Engineer
Klaudia Kulewska
"You can see that your work positively changes someone else’s world and makes a process better and more effective. It’s really rewarding."
Klaudia Kulewska
Software Design Engineer
Jukka Junninen highlight
“Some projects have specific requirements that require inventing new parts to complete them. We often build bespoke one-of-a-kind industrial mixers from start to finish.” 
Jukka Junninen
Senior Engineer
Leonard Feszczuk highlight
“I’m very glad that I applied, sent an assignment and solved all technical problems during my interview. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. I’m looking forward to the further development of my programming knowledge."
Leonard Feszczuk
Junior Software Design Engineer
Astrid Stolberg
"Being able to roam the exhibition hall as an avatar using VR was exciting and made me experience once again WHAT technical documentation is all about and how much fun it can be!" 
Astrid Stolberg
Project Manager
Outi Holmberg career story
“People in ALM are super talented and motivating, all with different areas of expertise. Although our core responsibilities are similar, we can support each other’s work and successes because of our different competences.”
Outi Holmberg
Service Manager