Etteplan HVAC testing

HVAC Testing

Etteplan’s test center in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers a unique testing environment and in-house facilities and methods to test comprehensive HVAC systems and components.

Key Benefits
Independent test results
Short lead times between test set-ups
High availability

Complete HVAC testing portfolio

Etteplan’s climate test center, located in Gothenburg Sweden, provides independent test results and analysis with short lead time between test set-ups. Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks are two of our automotive customers that use the facility and our expertise for testing and verification of its future climate systems.

With our 3 HVAC test benches we offer testing, analyzing and simulating of components and complete HVAC systems, development of standard setting and testing of environmental comfort, performance monitoring and system optimization, simulation and calculation of convector performance and the entire climate control system, field analysis and troubleshooting, failure analysis, verification of asymmetry in HVAC unit, climatization of batteries, with water or air, cooling and heating distribution.

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  • Chamber temperature range -20 to +50ºC
  • 3 separate air loops for condenser, evaporators and heat exchangers
  • 168–1800 g/s, -20 to +80 ºC
  • 24–240 g/s, -10 to +70 ºC
  • 12–60 g/s, -10 to +70 ºC
  • Humidity control 0–80 % RH
  • 2 glycol loops for chillers and heat exchangers
  • Custom designed control and measurement system
Ali Ghasemi

Ali Ghasemi

Regional Manager Central and West region Engineering Solutions
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