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As a system and process integrator, we support organizations in understanding, deploying, and leveraging new and emerging digital and technological opportunities in their plants, mills, and factories. We have invested heavily in the field of industrial digitalization and now offer a complete range of services and solutions under our Smart Factory portfolio; from single-point solutions to complete solution-independent integration of your existing or future factory. 

Henkel has always had a flair for implementing creative ideas to save energy effectively. The real challenge here is having a good pool of data. In Etteplan we have found a reliable partner who supports us in solving our challenges with knowhow, agility and flexibility.
Dr. Johannes Holtbrügge
Senior Manager of Digital Transformation, Laundry & Home Care

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Leveraging the transforming energy market

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Leveraging the transforming energy market

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Leveraging the transforming energy market

Industry 4.0 has revolutionized the way we see factories. The operations are increasingly digital and new technologies are constantly being developed to answer the need to improve processes, make better data-based decisions and optimize overall efficiency and productivity. The advantages of going smart are clear, but it is hard to follow the rapid changes in the industry and find the correct solutions with the limited resources that are used to maintain the current operations. 

With Etteplan’ s Smart Factory Solutions, we provide the latest knowledge on how to integrate the multi-layered new technologies into physical operations and the promise to ensure continuous efficiency. We see the big picture, master the large entities, and supply correct tools and guidance to our customers so that they can reach their optimal goals such as harsh growth targets, higher efficiency and productivity, optimized product quality and higher sustainability & safety.


Towards Smart Operations

The fundament for Smart Operations is our deep understanding and long experience of the physical production processes and operations such as Automation and Robotics, Automation and Control Systems, Safety, Cyber security, 3D/AMO technology, Simulations and Digital Twins

Towards Smart Connectivity

Etteplan’ s wide range of expertise in digital technologies such as Sensor technology, IoT, data & cloud, connectivity and MES are needed to improve the productivity of the manufacturing processes.

Service for your asset information management
Etteplan AIM
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Towards Smart Information Management

Etteplan’s services in Asset Information Management (AIM) are especially geared to ensure correct technical documentation in investment projects, reduce asset information management costs as well as increase safety and service responsiveness to maximize asset uptime. 




Our solutions and services

We provide services and solutions for all stages of your factory life cycle, from single-point solutions to complete solution-independent integration of your existing or future factory.

Planning for a new factory or a modernization investment?

  • Customer road map design
  • Opportunities identification
  • Solutions mapping incl. viable technologies
  • Feasibility study
  • Gap analysis
  • Simulations
  • Scenario working
  • System requirement specs
  • Piloting
  • System architecture

Digitalizing your operations?

  • Implementation road map
  • Implementation projects
  • Change management
  • Simulations and digital twins
  • New technology training

Enhancing your existing operations?

  • Simulations and digital twins
  • Remote control
  • Predictive production analyses
  • Predictive maintenance
What do we mean by Smart Factory?

We define a Smart Factory as a factory where physical production processes and operations are combined with digital technology, smart computing, and big data to create a more opportunistic system for companies that focus on manufacturing and supply chain management.

The Smart Factory Elements make up a control loop. According to this control loop, production is planned (Planning & Scheduling) based on specifications from different sources and a plan is then implemented (Execution). The data collected is analyzed (Analytics) to make forecasts (Prediction).

Smart factories optimize efficiency and productivity by extending the capabilities of both manufacturing devices and people. By continuously improving the productivity of manufacturing processes, smart factories can lower costs, reduce downtime, and minimize waste.

Smart Factory: Downloads

Leveraging the transforming energy market

Guide | PDF | 7.56 MB

Johan Ehrnrooth

Johan Ehrnrooth

Vice President, Smart Factory
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