Automated Assembly Equipment

Automated Assembly Equipment

Etteplan provides state-of-the art solutions for production performance. To achieve the best production performance, you not only have to look closely at production processes and solutions for bonding and joining, but you also need equipment. Whether it concerns manual assembly workplaces, production tools or a fully automatic production machine, Etteplan can deliver these. By using our configurable solutions, Etteplan not only offers the best solution, but also at competitive prices. We always find the best solution for your business case.

Key benefits
Pragmatic solutions from experts in the field
We never lose sight of the business case
Average of 27% improvement in production performance

Boost your production performance with photonics

Etteplan (former TEGEMA) has developed a modular machine platform fit for automated assembly task for assembly of optical elements within sub-micron accuracy. The Etteplan Indigo product line for Photonic device assembly is suitable for R&D to volume production. Due to its smart architecture, it offers a breakthrough in cycle time that is up to 10x shorter than current solutions on the market.

We notice that valuable time is often spent on each iteration in the R&D process of, for example, photonic products. Changeover times can take a long time because reprogramming of a machine is only possible if a machine supplier is available.
Etteplan has devised a solution to remove this dependency. Our machine platform can be easily and quickly reprogrammed using our Flexible Programming Solution (FPS). We go more in depth in our article about accelerating the photonics transition.

Etteplan’s Smart Modular Production Solutions help you meet the new market demands. Starting with a semi-automated production system or scale up to a fully automated production line: all our modular production solutions are ready for ramping up the volume and are capable of producing a high mix of products. Together with our team of engineers, we support you in the upgrading of production or extending an existing production line, to match the needs of your company and your market.

Automated Assembly Equipment


As soon as high speeds must be achieved with a robot and/or larger weights have to be handled, an industrial robot must be used.

The 4-axis SCARA robot is ideal for high-speed applications such as material handling and assembly of parts.

The 5 and 6-axis robots have a compact design that allows them to be positioned virtually anywhere at any angle and without any restriction – for example in a cell or near other robots.




Collaborating robots, also known as cobots, are designed to work safely with people. This new generation of robots is suitable for many applications, easy to program and intuitive to use.

Collaborating robots can be integrated into any industry and increase productivity and efficiency. The cooperation between a cobot and a person will produce better and faster results than working alone.




Gantry systemsGantry systems

Gantry robots or linear robots leverage a manipulator to create movement along a horizontal plane. Gantries can provide full x-y-z along a Cartesian plane, moving objects at high speeds and with high accuracy.

Etteplan gantry systems are often featured in the following applications: Dispensing, product assembly, pick and place, product measurement and electronics assembly.





Intelligent Vision MachinesIntelligent Vision Machines

In many production processes, alignment and positioning of components are essential for correct product operations and performance. With the use of our vision solutions, products can be positioned or processed quickly and accurately. Vision is widely used in the production of photonics, medical devices and sensors.






Griper technologyGripper Technology

A good gripper design is essential for successful robot and cobot implementations. Etteplan can help you determine whether suction cups, pneumatic grippers or servo grippers are the best choice for your application.

Historically, these are custom designed according to the application to ensure that the robot can reliably pick up the product. With modular grippers we go for maximum gripper flexibility, so that tool changes are not necessary.





Hexapods offer movement in 6 degrees of freedom. In combination with absolute measurement sensors, software and motion control, the most complicated motion profiles can be made easily.

Hexapods range from miniature versions for sample positioning in bundle line experiments, high resolution dynamic positioners for fiber alignment, to equipment for industrial production processes, where hexapods position high loads with sub-micrometer precision.





Dispensing modulesDispensing Modules

A dispense module dispenses any fluid quickly and accurately as required by the application. Many modules are available for dispensing fluids such as adhesives, epoxies, coatings, sealants, gaskets, greases, oils, inks – and many other fluids and pastes. Integration of a dispense unit for: Dispensing of single, two or multi-component materials, Application of dots, beads, gaskets, in-filling, potting, and dosing, Precision dispensing to 3 nl, Time/pressure and positive displacement dispensing, Spraying and jetting, Full selection of dispensing consumable products: needles, nozzles, barrels, syringes and cartridges.

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