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Additive Manufacturing (Industrial 3D Printing)

Etteplan combines additive manufacturing (AM) (i.e. industrial 3D printing) expertise with our company-wide excellence in the fields of engineering, simulation and mechanical design to offer our customers a comprehensive set of services related to the creation of additive manufactured goods. By choosing the right experts for every project, we are able to tackle even the most challenging engineering or manufacturing problems.


Key Benefits
Better product, lower price
Improved performance
Faster time-to-market
Guaranteed manufacturability

Whether your company is just starting to become aware of the potential of additive manufacturing or if you have been using AM for prototyping or final component creation for years, Etteplan has service offerings to help ensure the efficient implementation of AM:

  • AM screening – We provide careful analyses of existing products and assemblies, along with creation of business cases to support decision-making and understand the full AM potential of your product portfolio
  • AM engineering (adaption or design for AM) – We work closely with the customer to modify or redesign an existing product for 3D printing. For each project we organize a multidisciplinary team to take a simulation driven design approach, using topology optimization, FEM, CFD, and print process simulation during the design process.
  • New product development – We work together with our customers to invent new products utilizing the design freedoms of 3D printing to gain competitive advantage and meet future end-user requirements.
  • AM training – From basic to advanced AM trainings offered on-site, with tailormade training packages from 1-10 days designed for designers, engineers, managers, strategic buyers, etc. Download here a 3D print file (stl), which we use in our trainings to demonstrate some possibilities and challenges in 3D printing.
  • AM purchasing support – A history of working with an extensive network of service bureaus along with our own AM cost calculation tool means that we can readily help our customers with initial AM purchases while ensuring that they receive a competitive price and high-quality end products.
  • AM Environment, Health & Safety -  We help you safely implement 3D printing within your company.  Our experts offer training on EHS in AM, assess your existing methods and systems, and together with Linköping University Hospital produce company-specific recommendations for health controls and HSE documents; enabling you to continuously and systemically maintain a safe work environment and ensure maximum outcome from investments in EHS.
  • AM factory consultancy – Highly experienced advanced manufacturing experts will help plan or improve set-up of AM production for R&D, repairs or serial production. Project scope can vary from concept generation and planning through full turn-key factory.

Download Guide

How to get started with Additive Manufacturing - 3 steps guide

Download Guide

How to get started with Additive Manufacturing - 3 steps guide

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Download Guide

How to get started with Additive Manufacturing - 3 steps guide

3D printing can be cost competitive!

While it is true that metal AM can be extremely expensive, with careful case selection, design and planning it is often possible to create AM components that are not only cheaper than their traditionally manufactured counterparts, but also have enhanced features that are not possible with other manufacturing options.


Simulation-driven approach for optimal results

Design for additive manufacturing in Etteplan is conducted by carefully selected multi-disciplinary teams that use a simulation-driven design approach. By choosing the right experts for every project, we are able to tackle even the most challenging engineering or manufacturing problems. Our experience in these projects has also led to efficient workflows that guarantee fast results.


Take the leap into metal 3D printing

Not sure where to start when it comes to additive manufacturing or industrial 3D printing? Etteplan is here to help! Etteplan has a number of services designed to help your company learn to take advantage of AM, including on-site training sessions, AM product screening, and first-time AM purchasing support.


Added value comes from design

Etteplan helps customers harness the geometric freedoms that additive manufacturing offers while at the same time understanding its limitations. This means that we can help our customers create novel new products that benefit from added functionality, minimal material usage, reductions in part-count and assembly costs, improved performance and appearance while at the same time minimizing costs throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Additive Manufacturing (Industrial 3D Printing): Downloads

Leading innovation using new technologies

Guide | PDF | 7.1 MB

How to get started with Additive Manufacturing - 3 steps guide

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How Etteplan helped Raute reduce their cost for Additive Manufacturing

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Etteplan Logo Piece for AM training

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Case study: cost competitive 3D printed metal component

Case study | PDF | 2.88 MB

Winning Christmas ornament designs 2021

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Additive Manufacturing Design Documentation Guide

Guide | PDF | 1.46 MB

Winning Christmas ornament design 2022: Jingle all the way

Case study | STL | 58.31 MB

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