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Digital Product Design Services

The product design phase requires cross-cutting skills. Working with Etteplan’s specialists will result in a well-verified product idea and a detailed plan for the launch of your digital product. Thanks to testing and product validation, you can be sure that the finished digital product will meet your business needs. Moreover, Etteplan’s experts also give advice on the technical aspects to ensure the development is as efficient as possible.

Key Benefits
Market research & user analysis
Ideation & digital product design sprints
Prototyping and validation
UX & UI design

User-oriented digital product design

To lay the groundwork for a project, we start with market research and analysis of users’ needs and behaviour. Thanks to this, we can fully understand users’ wants and objectives and make sure the future solution meets their needs.

Together with the client, we come up with as many ideas as possible, later to choose the best ones and plan the development. All the ideas and assumptions need to be validated before we start working on them. To do that, we build quick prototypes to gather user data and make decisions. Our software development engineers and UX/UI designers stand ready to help in designing and developing a digital product that users will love.

Designing a successful digital product

We support the product-market fit from market verification of customer ideas, UI design and technical architecture to detailed plan for your product launch. Each project that we are working on is at a different stage of design, development and knowledge.

Through usability tests, user journey mapping, UX review, illustrations, interfaces and design library, we create a comprehensive database of all necessary information regarding how the final digital product needs to behave and look like.

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