Etteplan manufacturing execution systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems

The manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complicated, but this makes quick decisions at management level increasingly difficult. In order to be able to effectively assess the profitability and quality, it is necessary to create a certain transparency in the wealth of information and to provide reliable data. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) creates transparency, situational awareness  and forms the basis for modern production management – for efficient planning, control and reporting.

Key Benefits
Comprehensive view of MES
Deep interface knowledge
Strong experience in Data Reporting and Analysis
Wide knowledge from operations on the shop floor to ERP

Tailored Manufacturing Execution Systems

Etteplan`s business analysts and experts in process automation support you with the first step towards the set-up of a Manufacturing Execution System by analyzing process chains, information workflow and available data. Based on the defined requirements, we take care of system selection, design specification as well as software & architecture design. In the next phase our developers configure MES systems available in the market and thus design a solution tailored exactly to your needs. If a suitable system is not available, we will develop bespoke solutions. Depending on your needs, you can to link existing, isolated applications or introduce a completely new system including interfaces from simple file exchange to complex web services.

We have more than 30 years of market, system and project experience across the entire automation pyramid from the terminal to the connection to ERP systems across all project phases from consulting to aftercare. As a result, we find customized solutions for every application.

Optimize you processes with MES data

With our comprehensive understanding of all requirements between an ERP and the shop floor, we can help you to find the best solution to manage the data flow, analyze the data to find the bottlenecks that slow down production and help to optimize your process.

We offer a complete service of integrating a large number of business applications and operational data. Centralized data platform makes the usage of the data easier for the planning and production phases.

Jyrki Eschner

Jyrki Eschner

Senior Account Manager, Cloud and Applications
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