Etteplan failure analysis and quality assurance

Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance

Problems with yield, field failures or customer complaints? Does your component fulfill the specification? What ever the problem is, we probably have seen it before and can support you in failure analysis and quality assurance.

Key Benefits
Speed up the R&D phase with early failure detection
Reduce the risk of warranty claims by ensuring component quality
Co-located with environmental testing laboratory and safety testing facilities
Reduce total cost of ownership of a product

Failure analysis - getting to the root cause of product failure

Products may fail unexpectedly, which usually happens due to design failure, a mistake, careless work method in production, wrong material selection, quality deviation or simply a low-quality component or product misuse. A product failure can occur at all stages, for example in product development, production or then ultimately out in the field, in the hands of the end user. Whatever the cause, we can recognize the failure mode, conduct a failure analysis which leads us to the root cause, helping you understand the reasons behind the failure.

Understanding the component and manufacturing technologies and failure mechanisms is essential when the failure mode needs to be identified. With our Failure Analysis service, our mission is to get an image of the failure mode to end any speculation regarding the root cause. This information is powerful in further negotiations with component and material suppliers.

Fault analysis and environmental testing support each other

For product development projects, Etteplan’s failure analysis laboratory can quickly ascertain whether the prototype meets the quality requirements set for different components. With our comprehensive testing capabilities, we can extend the prototype testing with failure analysis for optimal results. This way you can reduce the iteration rounds needed during product development. We therefore, help you reduce the total cost of product ownership. The faster the fault is repaired, the quicker the product can be introduced to the market.

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Quality assurance for your products

For quality assurance, when choosing a component it is important to identify the factors that are critical in terms of its reliability. This is extremely important for products with high warranty population or when they are used in business critical systems. We dive deep to the component level and verify their quality. The data obtained through quality assurance analysis is important, as even the smallest fault in a device may cause significant warranty costs and impair the brand image. As a result from the quality assurance analysis, we can recommend the best components ensuring a reliable product is launched to the markets.

Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance: Downloads

Quality Assurance - Guidebook

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