Our solutions for

Forest, Pulp and Paper

Etteplan has over 30 years of experience in designing equipment, machinery and industrial plants for the forest, pulp and paper industry. Our experts have a profound understanding of the equipment and machinery used in the forest, pulp and paper industries, and of the industry domain requirements for the design of such equipment and machinery.

Etteplan’s various units in Europe and China supply Valmet with engineering services and technical documentation solutions for the company’s paper machine projects. The added value generated by Etteplan is based on the company’s reliable operations and high quality.
Shungang Cui
Senior Manager, Engineering Department
Valmet China

We take care of your engineering and product development projects

Etteplan has the capability to assume full responsibility for the customer’s engineering and product development projects, including project management and technical documentation. Our expertise includes engineering and documentation solutions for the equipment design process along the entire life cycle process of forest machines, wood handling, stock preparation, air systems, paper and board machines, coating machines and wrapping machines. Etteplan's knowledge in the forest, pulp and paper industries is based on its long-term customer relationships. Our customers are leading machinery manufacturers and paper mill companies around the world. Etteplan has the capacity and competence to serve our customers on a global scale.

Our services for the forest, pulp and paper industries

Etteplan provides a wide range of services to the forest, pulp and paper industries, including feasibility studies, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, stress calculations and commissioning services. We are experts in software, IoT and embedded solutions and can support you with technical documentation. When you need to create manuals, spare parts catalogues or user instructions, Etteplan can take care of your technical documentation needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our extensive experience in forestry machinery contributes to high customer satisfaction and ensures that the cooperation runs smoothly.   

Customers we have helped in forest, pulp and paper industry

Etteplan digitalizes industrial processes

Etteplan has helped customers successfully launch innovative products featuring the latest technologies. With the use of, for example, intelligent solutions, we are able to significantly improve the energy efficiency and safety of a machine. Using a simulation model of a machine brings cost savings already in the design phase, as it enables the simulation of new product features and the usability of the machine before even making a prototype. Simulations can also be used to accurately estimate the raw material, chemical and maintenance needs, and to improve the user experience. The digitalization of industrial processes brings not only cost savings but also accelerates product development and shortens time to market.