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Engineering analysis

Etteplan is one of Northern Europe’s leading engineering analysis, i.e. Computer Aided Engineering, service providers. Our engineering analysis team consists of world-class experts in the simulation of structural engineering, computational fluid dynamics and electromagnetic phenomena. PhD-level theoretical expertise combined with our industrial engineering experience and professional project management, create a strong foundation for utilizing modern computational and simulation tools in an ever-digitalizing industry.

Key Benefits
Fast problem-solving
Improved product quality
Environmental friendliness

From fast problem-solving to long-term product development

Engineering analysis is integrated seamlessly into Etteplan’s engineering assignments in both large steel structures and electronics applications. Our projects combine our computational expertise with different engineering areas and manufacturing methods, such as additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing).

Etteplan’s engineering analysis easily proceeds hand in hand with your engineering activities throughout the duration of a project: evaluation of the concept phase, reviewing of technical details, approval of the final product and the solving of problems occurring during the product’s life cycle. 

Our services cover the entire spectrum of engineering analysis from fast problem-solving to long-term product development. As a diverse operator we have served, among other things, the aerospace and defense industry, process industry, elevator and escalator industry, lifting equipment industry and the automotive and transport industry. Our experts are also experienced in robotics, electronics, the mining industry, offshore, shipbuilding, energy and power generation industries.

Etteplan’s engineering analysis team consists of around 100 experts of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) who have amassed a broad range of expertise in customer products in numerous product development projects. This is why our experts are perfectly positioned to serve you flexibly also in smaller as well as in larger assignments.


Our services in structural engineering

We offer structural analyses that comply with industry standards, and are required in many safety-critical applications such as pressure equipment, steel structures and structures in seismically active areas.

Our expertise in structural engineering benefits product development projects which call for the quick and reliable verification of a device’s stability, safety, manufacturability and weight-optimization in different load conditions. Typical load conditions involve cyclic fatigue loads, continuous loads resulting from vibration, loads from normal operation or impact-like loads resulting from problem situations.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge into calculating and investigating the characteristics of various materials and the applicability and manufacturability of connecting techniques, to enable product development to reach the correct conclusions and solutions.


Our services in computational fluid dynamics

Etteplan has world-leading expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which enables simulation of the behavior of gases and liquids in equipment and processes. We can verify that your device will work in terms of characteristics such as combustion, heat transfer, pressure loss, power consumption, efficiency and mixing even before the product is manufactured.

Our experts are also specialized in visualizing physical phenomena using computational fluid dynamics so that problems in processes or equipment and their causes can be understood and solved quickly and reliably.

Our strength is in our way of working

Etteplan’s strength is based on our way of working. We carry out seamless cooperation both within the cross-disciplinary analysis team as well as between the analysis team and other engineering areas. We thus ensure that our engineering analysis and design are always high quality, be the assignment small or large.

We serve as part of the product development team or offer engineering analysis expertise for your individual challenges. Our analysis team can also take on the overall responsibility for your engineering analysis as part of your engineering organization, in which case Etteplan’s analysts work seamlessly together with your team.


Computer aided engineering driving design

We can support you in applying a simulation driven approach for your engineering projects. For instance, where equipment performance is based on optimization of flow behavior or structure is dominated by its strength properties the whole design process can be driven by CAE. In such cases, Etteplan’s analysts can provide engineering analysis services and manage the product development project together with the design engineers.


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