Etteplan ALM service secures your critical applications

Etteplan ALM

Etteplan Application Lifecycle Management ensures that your critical applications run securely and function flawlessly while you concentrate on your core business. With our 24/7 customer support and service, we’ve got you covered around the clock. We monitor your application and fix any system vulnerabilities that may occur. We also proactively continue to develop and provide suggestions for the betterment of your system. 

We have engaged in successful cooperation in the equipment and system maintenance field for several years now. We have found the partnership to be customer-focused and straightforward. Our established operating models and the good cooperation between our field maintenance personnel and Etteplan’s online support have come to the rescue many times even before problems have had a chance to arise.
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Managing Director
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Key Benefits
We secure your application, you focus on your business
Maximize the life-cycle value of your application
24/7 support
We monitor and fix system vulnerabilities

Outsource your application management to a partner that truly cares

You should be able to trust your application lifecycle management to a partner that will secure and keep your application up-to-date while you concentrate on running your own business.

We believe that the work doesn’t stop after the solution is delivered. We want to continue the partnership and care for the solution throughout its lifecycle. We have the capabilities to take ownership of the process and serve as the service manager of your application.


Global 24/7 support

We offer global, 24 hours a day support and service. Our specialized maintenance professionals are always ready to solve any problems and to handle your tickets, day or night.

Proactive partner that offers continuous development

The end-user expectations for user experience are at an all-time high. This means that you have to constantly develop your application to meet the expectations and maintain the competitiveness of your application.

We develop systems throughout their life cycle by making small proactive improvements. We also offer user experience development as a continuous service to maintain and develop your application’s usability. Our application development is always based on user needs and feedback.

We are there to help you maintain and develop your systems

We provide application management services for the whole lifecycle:

Etteplan ALM service lifecycle


Additional services

At Etteplan we have the necessary capabilities to maintain, secure and develop your application. If a system requires major development work, the whole of Etteplan’s expertise is at your service.

Cloud - We can transfer your system into the cloud, where you will have access to the latest technologies and innovations. A system operating in the cloud is better especially when you require scalability and technology needs to stay up to date.

Cyber Security - The cyber security of your critical systems is a priority. We have the know-how and understanding of the underlying systems and possible vulnerabilities.

Embedded Systems - Etteplan ties together complete turnkey services encompassing product development with embedded software, electronics and mechanics as well as software test automation with a tight connection to our application software development

Service design -  We help you with identifying new opportunities for your business to grow and validate your initial idea for a new digital product and improve it with the user and business insights. We can also evaluate the current state of user experience and help to design your product even better for users.

Software and Digitalization - Etteplan is a full software development partner looking at the overall software architecture, develop new business models through application development with know-how in UI/UX design and analytics enabling data-driven management. Our service portfolio covers everything you need in your digital project, no matter what are the technologies that you need.

Testing and compliance - Etteplan has years of experience from testing solutions and a unique test laboratory covering a wide range of product standard tests for various customer needs. From us, you can get testing services corresponding to diverse requirements starting from software testing and test automation to physical tests measuring entire equipment.

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Director, Application Lifecycle Management
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