Etteplan invests in Jyväskylä testing laboratory – test capacity doubles and workforce increases

Press release - Published: 24.10.2023 - 09:45:00
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Etteplan Oyj, Press Release, October 24, 2023, at 9.45 a.m. EEST

Etteplan is making an investment in the Jyväskylä testing laboratory in Finland. With this investment, Etteplan's testing laboratory will more than double its current size and test capacity. Additionally, the goal is to strengthen the team with five experts. This investment will enable Etteplan to serve its customers faster and more comprehensively. The new laboratory will open in Aholaita, Jyväskylä, in spring 2024.

Etteplan's testing laboratory offers a wide range of tests for various physical products, such as environmental, antenna, and product safety tests. Testing is an essential part of product development, ensuring product quality and suitability for its intended use. Testing is guided by both legal requirements and customer needs. Etteplan's testing laboratory can perform the most common approval tests according to market requirements.

With this investment, Etteplan's test capacity improves across several testing capabilities. These include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) testing, as well as environmental (ENVI) and product safety testing (Safety). These tests can be conducted on different devices, from small smart devices to large welding robots.

As part of the expansion, a new 5-meter EMC chamber (5m SAC) will be built in the testing laboratory. In the new facility, EMC and RF tests can be conducted on increasingly larger products up to 2000 kg and 15 m3 in size, while also performing approval tests according to North American requirements (FCC & ISED). Additionally, a 42 m3 environmental walk-in test chamber has been acquired for the new laboratory, enabling humidity and temperature tests on larger systems.

"With the increasing prevalence of wireless devices, there is a growing need for EMC and RF testing, including larger products such as industrial equipment cabinets. At the same time, international regulations are becoming stricter, and we want to be ready to meet these market needs," says Timo Kallinen, Director of Product Testing at Etteplan.

The investment aims to improve delivery reliability and the ability to serve customers comprehensively. Etteplan has testing customers throughout Finland and Northern Europe, and the investment is driven by tightening requirements for devices due to EU directives.

Etteplan Finland Oy is a commercial testing laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025 (accreditation code: T298). Etteplan Finland Oy's accredited scope can be viewed on FINAS' website.

For more information:
Timo Kallinen, Director, Product Verification, Etteplan, phone +358 40 700 4482
Outi Torniainen, SVP, Communications and Marketing, Etteplan, phone +358 10 307 3302
Tero Leppänen, SVP, Software and Embedded Solutions, Etteplan, phone +358 40 595 5238

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