Cooking Diary-Cooking Diary v2.8.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money, Voucher, Credits)

Cooking Diary-Cooking Diary v2.8.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money, Voucher, Credits) title=

Cooking Diary


Cooking Diary will bring you to a culinary paradise of your own, where you can become a talented chef. This is one of those games that become the main focus of attention, unique and attractive. In this wonderfully beautiful city, food is considered an outstanding feature that everyone wants to come here to experience and learn. Cooking paradise just for you will add useful activities, authentic experiences that help us to enjoy this game.


Welcome to Tasty Hills, a city where cooking is a passion shared by everybody! Keeping a cooking journal is now your responsibility. Please lend a hand to your grandfather in saving his family’s restaurant business and restoring his reputation!

Don’t allow your opponents even a single opportunity to hatch wicked schemes while you go out and make genuine friends, operate restaurants and cafés, and prepare delectable cuisine! Be a part of exciting events in the city’s bustling social scene and achieve recognition as a brilliant chef!


Are you passionate about cooking or passionate about making delicious food for people? If yes, then Cooking Diary is a bright and undisputed choice. Possessing a large number of supporters, the game is gradually improving and launching players from one surprise to another. Make your own dreams come true; that is the main criterion that the game has been emphasizing.

The city of Tasty Hills is also one of those places that honor your dream of being your own chef. Owning stalls ranging from drinks, snacks to high-end dishes, the city is the most significant culinary paradise. It’s so great, isn’t it? Each chain store is going strong, and it also contains a lot of exciting things that only those who participate in the game can clearly see.


Players will be transformed into a chef in Cooking Diary, taking over the store to help his grandfather and make dishes for diners. This is an opportunity for yourself, both to show everyone your chef’s ability and attract customers to support to build a store. Hundreds of dishes are fully remembered and varied a lot to create attractiveness and attraction so that the audience can not take their eyes off.

Moreover, you will have your own kitchen with all the materials and all related machines. Add-on for you will have more chefs under your own management. Try adding a variety of delicacies to your menu to make your store different and fresh. Join a city event or an event honoring talented chefs to compete with more famous chefs to gain experience.


Opening a few more stores in a row to build a strong chain of stores is a big idea that you need to set out and implement. Increasing human resources and training great chefs are also requirements that the restaurant sets for you. You will both manage personnel and make dishes so that work will become busier. Balance your life by working, playing, and learning more experiences. Challenge yourself with new dishes to show others your burning passion in Cooking Diary.

Through this, Cooking Diary has brought players an exciting playground. I have learned a lot of impressive things around and know how to increase sales for my store. There will be many other interesting things waiting for us, and challenges will also be continuously set to create fierceness. Participate in competitions to try and fight fiercely to win the top position. You will become the best chef in the world.


Get ready to prepare hundreds of scrumptious dishes from all around the world!Create and create hundreds of restaurants and cafés in all of the districts of the delicious hills to suit your tastes and preferences!Make a statement with these ultra-stylish ensembles and leave everyone in awe!Make new friends and acquaintances with a wide variety of lovely and amazing animals!You may win thousands of dollars in cash by participating in a variety of culinary competitions!Interact with the people that dwell in the city and get lost in an intriguing storyline.